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Kids Holiday Art Classes in September Holidays!

Our September kids holiday art classes are now available! Creative Art Classes in Acrylic Painting, Manga Drawing and Illustration, Watercolour Painting, Tote Bag Painting and various exciting themes are available in our Holiday Art Immersion Course for Kids!

Suitable for 8-10 Years Old / 11 – 15 Years Old and 16 Years Old & Above, our Kids and Teens Holiday Classes are great in honing and developing art skills and techniques for your kids and teens! Join us this holidays and embark on a memorable art journey, and take your art skills to the next level!

Kids Holiday Art Classes – Holiday Art Immersion Course (8-10 Years Old)/Holiday Art Immersion Course for Youths

*All art materials are provided, flexible schedules to choose from & full guidance from our professional art teachers!

In this Kids Holiday Art Immersion Programme, your child would be able to explore up to 2 types of mediums and works!

Choose up to Two types of mediums/styles of art for your kid’s creative immersion (A unique artwork will be finished in two to three classes, depending on the medium)

  • 2D illustration drawing and creative drawing with crayons, colouring pencils and markers – interesting new ways to see and draw
  • Still life tonal drawing and sketching – to learn drawing and sketching and build foundation techniques
  • Watercolour painting – Landscape and Nature
  • Acrylic Painting – Still Life Basket of Fruits, Nature’s Flowers and Fauna, My Favourite Animal
  • Manga Drawing – Anime Characters
  • Tote Bag Painting

Click here to find out more about our Holiday Art Immersion Course For Kids Ages 8-10 Years Old

Click here to find out more about our Holiday Art Immersion Course For Youths 

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Email us: [email protected] 


About This Graffiti Art Camp


Learn about the history, culture and style of Graffiti art and create your own Graffiti artworks during this art camp. Graffiti art, also commonly known as street art, is an art form abound with creativity and imagination, and may be created with various tools, methods and mediums. Highly acclaimed graffiti artists namely Banksy, Keith Haring and others, emerged with their distinct art styles. Acquiring an understanding of graffiti art and the practice of graffiti art will boost creativity and allows students to think out of the box and apply the methods of graffiti to many areas such as graphic design, creating their own graffiti works on any materials – skateboards, sneakers etc.

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to Graffiti art history, culture and background, iconic works and artists
  • Develop and create student’s own Graffiti artworks, learn character styling methods, and create a graffiti painting of one’s name / acronym
  • Choose patterns, icons and/or symbols and learn to express them in 2D – 3D, creating own illustrations
  • Learn to use colours and combine drawing and design elements taught to create one’s own graffiti artwork
  • Learn to create a moodboard for visual brainstorming
  • Complete graffiti artwork using name/word styling and another graffiti artwork of own creative theme.
  • Additionally, students may bring a pair of sneakers or own tote bag to draw/paint

Session 1: “My Name” on a 40 x 50cm canvas

Sessions 2 to 4: “Self-Portrait” on a 40 x 50cm canvas

Details of the Graffiti Art Camp

Students are encouraged to express their creativity and have the freedom to choose the subjects they wish to draw and paint.

The students will be using a combination of art materials including pencils, eraser, markers, acrylic paints, paper (collage), and spray paint (optional).

The highlight of this graffiti art camp is the learning of the graffiti style which may be expressed with paint – acrylic painting, acrylic paint pouring, and spray can painting. The use and application of spray painting will be demonstrated to students, and students may adopt some spray painting for the second artwork.

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