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Visual Arts Centre Kids and Youth Holiday Art Immersion Course

If you are looking for Holiday Art Classes for kids during their holidays, look no further! Let your kids spend their holidays with us – pick up new art skills, learn new art mediums, experiment and cultivate their creativity!

Our Holiday Art Immersion Course is packed with fun-filled themes to occupy your kid’s busy schedules this holiday!


Join Visual Arts Centre’s Holiday Kids and Youth Art Courses as a perfect programme for your child to explore new mediums and build up their foundational art techniques.  This fully immersive holiday programme is suitable for children ages 7-11 and you ths ages 12-18.

Allow your kids to dip their toes into learning and practising fine art. Whether it is to pick up a new hobby or to get a kick-start in building up an Art Portfolio for admission into an art school in the future, the Holiday Course for kids and youth is perfect to provide a quick and immersive experience in art!

We know these themes are enticing and you would like to join more than one of them…. so, we got you a great deal that your wallet can enjoy while your kids are occupied!

This holiday, we are offering 3 different paths for students who are interested in signing up for a Holiday Programme with us!

  1. Art Exploration
  2. Illustration in Colour
  3. Graffiti

Art exploration


Professional art courses should never be boring. At Visual Arts Centre, we provide opportunities for your child to develop artistic knowledge and skills through a range of media, forms and expressions. Art Exploration is a 8 course programme where students will be able to experience different mediums to help elevate their creative juices and to grow to be independent in their learning.

We offer 3 mediums – Acrylic painting, Watercolour and, Drawing and Sketching!

Mediums for Art Exploration

Acrylic Painting and Watercolour


Choose either  2 Mediums (8 sessions) or 3 mediums (12 sessions) and up to 2 topics to explore your child’s inner thoughts and creativity!

You can even focus on 1 topic and create a variety of masterpieces as well.

For acrylic painting and watercolour, the topics are similar. Your child can explore topics such as still life, landscapes & architecture, animals & nature, and fantasy & manga.

Coloured Drawing & Sketching and Black & White


Does shading, shadows and highlights capture your child’s attention? If so, our Coloured Drawing and Sketching, and Black and White Drawing and Sketching, is the perfect fit for your child!

Learn to draw still life, anime manga or their favourite mystical creatures just with the magic of pencils.

Our Art Exploration course is perfect for your child to dive into the world of fine art. It is perfect for those of you looking to help your child boost their portfolio with creative works or simply to find something fun for your child to do during the holidays!

Course Schedule for Art Exploration

Graffiti Art

Visual Arts Centre Grafitti Art Painting Art Jamming

Graffiti Art is not just spray painting on the walls, it is an art style! Choose Graffiti Art and learn how to draw/paint in bold colours and style to showcase your own uniqueness and creativity. Explore creating your own Graffiti Art styled masterpieces.

Course Schedule for Graffiti Art

Spend your holiday with us this holiday! Pick up new art skills, brush up your techniques, explore new art mediums, experiment & cultivate your creativity!

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