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4 Sessions Acrylic Painting Art Course (Zoom Live)

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24 Sessions Watercolour Painting Course 专业水彩画24节课课程

The Best Online Art Classes In Singapore - Zoom Live Art Sessions

What is the best online art class for learning art, is it even possible to learn art while you are at home? Visual Arts Centre presents their signature ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions! Learn Acrylic Painting and take up this fully guided and individually tailored art course, you’ll be amazed at the results of your learning and your accomplished artworks through our detailed art guidance, art demonstration and explanation at every step.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint professionally and take your enthusiasm to the next level, come on and join us! You’ll embark on a fruitful art journey, learn and accomplish wonderful words of art for your home or office or as a gift to your loved ones.

We’re here to help you learn and enjoy art from the comfort of your home and our fully guided and tailored approach allows you to enjoy and learn with ease and be completely amazed with your final artwork once it’s done at the end of the session(s).

For those who are interested in learning other art mediums, Visual Arts Centre is also hosting Acrylic Painting on ZOOM and Creative Illustration course on ZOOM for students preparing for portfolio. We are also hosting a Portrait Oil Painting course hosted on ZOOM by renowned international artist Michael Britton. For our younger students, there is also a Young Art Titans programme available on ZOOM.

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Acrylic Painting Art Course – Landscape acrylic painting, Semi-abstract landscape acrylic painting

(Finish one acrylic painting work in two sessions, with new artworks that you can learn and do at home each week!)

Acrylic Painting Art Course is a series of Acrylic Painting classes which takes beginners and even those with prior experience in painting on a fruitful learning journey to learn professional Acrylic Painting techniques and to use these techniques to complete their artworks.

Acrylic Painting Art Course conducted by Visual Arts Centre Singapore is suitable for beginners to advanced levels, and suitable for ten years old and above. Classes will be held every Saturdays from 1pm-3.15pm.

Acrylic Painting Art Course @Visual Arts Centre Singapore (ZOOM LIVE)

+ Each session is 2 Hours 15 Minutes long

+ Learn a range of professional acrylic painting techniques, brush stroke skills and application in each session

+ Clear guidance and explanation, same time live art demonstration by professional art instructor (Catered to both English/Chinese instruction at attendees’ request)

+ Suitable for beginners to advanced levels to take up this course as a refresher, suitable for teenagers to adult learners

+ Small class size with feedback and direct tips and personalised instruction and correction on techniques

+ Our Classes are conducted with the academy school approach! Get to learn and build a solid foundation in any mediums of your choice with our Zoom Live Art Sessions.

> Art Materials Pack included in the package, with complimentary home delivery right to your door step (Singapore address only)!


Student showing her acrylic painting from our ZOOM class

Acrylic Painting ZOOM LIVE Art Session Schedule:

Classes will be held every Saturdays from 1pm-3.15pm.

Art Material Pack is included in the course fees and door-to-door delivery is complementary* (Singapore address only)

*For home delivery: the current schedule is 2 working days, however please allow for up to 4 days to receive the art materials pack, as this is a busy period for courier services.

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions allows our art loving students to continue their passion for art, learn and pick up skills and techniques within the safe environment of your home! We welcome new art learners to pick up acrylic painting whilst at home for this month!

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions 
– 2 Hours 15 Mins per session
– Regular VAC Art Students may use 1 STUDIO Art Sessions to exchange for 1 ZOOM LIVE Art Session.

A student’s artwork in the ZOOM LIVE class

Art materials will be sufficient for attending the art classes and you still could continue your acrylic painting at home

Keen to sign up or find out more?

Fret not if you are a complete beginner, this Drawing and Sketching series is suitable for you! Check out our other ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Acrylic Painting series as well for more choices!

What you’ll need to have is a Laptop and a table to work on and your enthusiasm for learning!

How Do I Sign Up for the Zoom Live Art Sessions?

Scroll down to purchase a series of 2 Sessions to attend at any of our schedules listed. An email will be sent to you for confirmation of your purchase afterwards. Please reply to the email to let us know the date/timing of your choice and we’ll be in touch with you on the ZOOM LINK to join our ZOOM LIVE Art Session. All you have to do afterwards is to simply get ready for your class!

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