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Human anatomy – it is the one topic that daunts many artists worldwide. When we talk about anatomy and nude life drawing, one would find it extremely difficult. We would think that only professional artists can do that. Especially if its a live model sitting in front of you, isn’t that even more difficult? Is it possible then, for a beginner to accurately capture the form of the human body onto paper?

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Since the introduction of Nude Life Drawing workshops at Visual Arts Centre in 2016, many students have tried their hands on the drawing of nude life models. Astonishingly, a majority of students, even beginners managed to draw and sketch a highly accurate form of the human body. How did they do it?

Through the professional and careful guidance of our art teachers, you will be able to capture the structure, skin texture and gesture of the nude life model onto your paper and create a professional-looking art piece of your own, with or without prior experience in art! You can get an introduction to professional figure drawing in just one session, lasting 2Hr 30Mins! If you are already a budding art student who has prior experience in art, our teachers will access your skills and go from there with you. Our classes are very flexible, you may choose a variety of mediums to complete your work, such as pencil, charcoal, or even watercolour to make a painting of the human anatomy instead!

We conduct Nude Life Workshops once a month. For more information on class schedules, please visit our website at

So what are you waiting for? Embark on your exciting art journey with us now!

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