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“Art is the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others” – Leo Tolstoy

Are you keen on advancing your interests and skills in Art? In particular, watercolour painting? If that is the case, you might be interested in the watercolour painting classes offered by the Visual Arts Centre! We offer a plethora of courses at the Visual Arts Centre. They range from Watercolour Painting to Drawing and Sketching! Doesn’t matter if you are a novice with an immense passion for Art, or someone who is seeking to advance your skills! The courses here are tailored to suit your interests and aptitude! We offer 12-session, 24-session and 50-session courses for Watercolour Painting and Drawing and Sketching.

< Reasons why you should learn Watercolour Painting >

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Watercolour Painting is a form of Art. Art is prevalent everywhere you turn.  It is a form of expression — a manifestation of what you believe in and how you think. Furthermore, Art is therapeutic — it allows us to escape into the refuge of our fantasy and leave the stress of the modern day world behind. Moreover, Art can be a hobby — something you attain joy from. The benefits that we can reap from engaging in the Arts is endless.

Watercolour Painting is the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with water. Because of the portability, ease of use and clean-up, watercolours are great for quick sketches. They are also often used by still life, landscape or portrait painters to create small-scale studies of complex paintings that they plan to do in a much larger scale later.

Watercolour possesses the reputation of being a difficult Art style to master. Yet, interest in Watercolour Painting has never been stronger! While it is no longer stigmatised as a mere “sketch” medium, artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of the stupendous effects Watercolour can achieve.

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Watercolour Painting Courses offered at the Visual Arts Centre:

In our 12-session Watercolour course, you will be exposed to the basics of Watercolour painting and get acquainted with the medium. Our adept instructor will be guiding you on the foundations of Drawing and Sketching. They will then guide you on how to paint using Watercolour. Additionally, you will also get to familiarise yourself with various types of brushes to utilise as well as learn the basic Watercolour techniques (i.e Colour Blending). After attending our 12-session Watercolour course, we assure that you will be able to attain a foundational level of competency in this medium.

In our 24-session Watercolour Art course, you can look forward to attaining an intermediate level of competency in Watercolour painting! There, you will be exposed to a variety of basic and intermediate Watercolour techniques. The first 12 sessions of the 24-session course will be focusing on foundational techniques taught in the 12-session course. Following which, the next 12 sessions will be touching on more advanced techniques. Additionally, there is a diversity of Watercolour Painting styles that you can try during the course!

Taking up the 24-session course will ensure that you receive a sufficient number of lessons required to find your own style to approach Watercolour Painting. Under the patient guidance of our teachers, you will learn how to paint using Watercolour relatively well. Coupled with a 8 month validity period, you can comfortably learn the art of Watercolour at your own pace!


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< Common Questions >

What are the various platforms that I can learn Water Colouring? watercolour_class_singapore_visual_arts_centre

(1) Youtube! Without doubt, there are numerous online tutorials easily accessible on Youtube. There videos online educating beginners on the foundational techniques required for Watercolour painting! (2) However, should you want to fine-tune your competency in Art and receive tailored guidance in accordance to your current skill, we highly recommend you to check out the courses offered at the Visual Arts Centre! Under the patient guidance of our adept instructors, you will be able to pick up the correct techniques in no time! In addition, the cost of Art materials is included in the price of the package. Not only do we offer a flexible class schedule, but we also present to you an extended validity period. Sounds good? 🙂

< Summary >

To summarise, in a comfortable and conducive studio setting offered at the Visual Arts Centre, you will be able to complete a Watercolour artwork every 1-3 sessions. Additionally, you will learn a number of essential watercolour techniques under the guidance of our professionally trained Art instructors. For those who wish to explore the various Art mediums (ie. drawing and sketching, watercolour painting and acrylic painting), we strongly recommend you to check out our Art Immersion Course. It allows you the flexibility of switching between mediums across the span of 12 lessons/ 24 lessons / 50 lessons!


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