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When it comes to art, it is every child’s innate ability to draw. At the Visual Arts Centre we believe that offering our little ones an opportunity to express their most simple or creative ideas through art is the best way to develop the joy of learning

With proper guidance and training, any kid will grow up to be the next Van Gogh! So how do we do it here at Visual Arts Centre? Let’s take a look.


What Makes For a Good Learning Environment for Your Children to Learn Art?

When it comes to any place of learning – especially for kids, a safe, quiet and conducive environment will always be on top of the list. However, what are other considerations one must have when signing up for an Arts Class for your Kids?

Use different techniques taught for a painting.

We should never restrict our kids to one particular style of learning. In our Kids Art Class, we believe every child has their own way of learning. Thus, they should never be restricted to focusing on just one particular style in the long run.

When running Kids Art Classes, one should embrace each children’s style of learning and adapt to their needs.

At the Visual Arts Centre, our Kids Art Class is conducted workshop style. This is because in a group setting of kids of similar age groups, your little ones will feel comfortable enough to explore the world of art! In a more intimate setting, our kids will thrive better when learning in an environment tailored to their individual needs.

Student applying understanding of colour theory.

Creativity is the most important thing when it comes to Children. A good place, should never restrict one’s freedom of expression. To hone one’s skills, Children should be allowed to explore different mediums and to create their own art works based on their own creativity. This way, not only will your child grow to love doing art, they will not lose that initial spark they had in the first place!

Those who join our kids art class, generally realize their potential that is much more. Starting young gives your little ones the opportunity to discover their potential!


At the Visual Arts Centre, we take pride in achieving the right balance between training and individual expression. When assessing your child’s work, never expect it to be picture-perfect. While you can’t help but compare it to the real picture, we should never expect our children’s work to look 100% the same as the reference material. Every child has their own signature style. They have their way of interpreting a piece of reference materials and process things differently. Very much like heuristics, children have a way of breaking down the picture references the easiest way possible. Thus, instead of correcting them, we should embrace this cognitive behaviour and continue to engage and inspire them to cultivate their creativity.


Why Should Your Children Learn Art at Visual Arts Centre?

Creative Kids Art Immersion Course by Visual Arts Centre provides opportunities for children (aged 5-9 years) to develop artistic knowledge and skills through a range of media, forms and expressions. Students will be able to experience different medias such as Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Markers, watercolour and even Chinese Calligraphy!

Creative Kids Art Immersion Course takes on a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box. The course takes the kids through a fun learning journey of discovery and creativity with a wide variety of themes being covered – from the arts to the sciences to geography to anything under their imagination – the world is their oyster to explore!

Visual Arts Centre is located in an easily-assessed area, right above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. Right outside the premises of the Art Studio, we have greens where kids are able to play and run around.

In the Creative Kids Art Immersion Course, your children will be:

  • Experiencing and immersing themselves in oriental art e.g learning calligraphy, gaining knowledge on how to hold and handle a calligraphy brush
  • Doing art and crafts with traditional Chinese rice paper
  • Creating interesting and amazing characters of their own imagination / cartoon characters with jumping clay (3D clay moulding, improving their motor skills)
  • Acrylic painting of the kids’ favourite cartoon characters or simple landscape pictures that they fancy
  • Drawing and colouring of different flowers or landscapes or cartoon characters that they can be proud to show you back home
  • Creating multi-media collage
  • Practicing different painting brush strokes of different mediums

What’s even better is that here at Visual Arts Centre, we do not just take in all the children of all ages and teach them all the same things all at once. According to the age of your children, the art instructors and experienced art assistants will understand what they might be interested in and come up with different drawing and paintings of different mediums lessons for them. This way, you can be sure that while your children is learning something, they are also having fun!

Chinese Ink Illustrative Painting


For each of the age groups, they will have a different learning objective:

For kids aged 5 – 6: 

Main focus: Creativity and Exploration

Explore and learn to use various art mediums to create art through fun weekly theme. Developing a interest in art and celebrating creativity!

Kids will be taught to sculpt three-dimensional objects to better their motor skills.

For Kids Aged 7 – 10:

Completed artwork under professional instructors guidance.
Drawing and sketching trains observational skills.

Main Focus: Observation and Expression

Kids will be taught observational skills and be introduced to professional art techniques. Exploring life sketching, creative compositions and more.

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