Best Art Courses In Singapore

What and where are Singapore’s best art courses – How about Visual Arts Centre Art Studio?

Excited to pick up some fine art skills, draw and paint as your heart wishes and eager to express yourself through art? Well, do not be intimidated by the seemingly high barriers to entry in order to start learning some art! Visual Arts Centre Art Studio gives you the best value for money art courses by providing all the art materials required during the classes, unlike many other studios in Singapore that require you to buy your own materials. A professional Studio set up, easels, pencils, graphite, charcoal, oils, acrylics, watercolour… you name it and we have it all here at our cosy, well-equipped Art Studio.

Get started ASAP. By absorbing the huge initial costs for art materials, you will be able to get started quickly and easily while your passion for art burns! Why not starting learning art first, without the hassle of purchasing any art materials which might go to waste!

Flexibility. Very often, we sign up for lesson packages but end up being unable to attend due to work, family or personal matters. We understand the difficulty of juggling art classes on top of your already busy daily activities, thus we go out of our way to make things easy for you. Our courses are based on a flexible and customisable schedule system, which allows students to select the days they wish to come for lessons each week instead of having to commit to a fixed time slot.

Location. Our beautiful art studio is located on Orchard Road, right above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, across the road from Plaza Singapura, and a short 5 min walk from Bencoolen and Bras Basah MRT Stations. Accessibility is never a problem here at Visual Arts Centre.

Interested in signing up for professional art lessons, but unsure of what to expect?

Many people with an interest in art yearn to take their hobby to the next level by attending formal art lessons, but are deterred by its unfamiliarity. This is unsurprising, as art schools are often unchartered territory to the self-taught enthusiast. Here at Visual Arts Centre, we believe in transparency and ensuring that students make informed choices, so as to guarantee the most satisfaction for everyone involved. Read on to understand more about what it is we do at our professional art courses in Visual Arts Centre.

Drawing and Sketching Course

In this course, students will be exposed to many different subject matters and learn to replicate the appearance of each using proper drawing and sketching techniques. The focus of this course includes: observation of still-life set-ups, figure drawing, landscapes, plaster casts and speed drawing.

One of the many still life set-ups in our studio space.

A student’s completed study of the still life set-up.

Still life set-up for practice.

One of our student’s completed works.

A plaster cast used in our classes for drawing and sketching practice.

A student’s sketch.

Still life set-up with different textures to challenge our students.

A student’s completed sketch

A basic set-up for beginners to practice drawing and sketching techniques.

One of our student’s completed still life study.

A student’s completed portrait sketch.

Oil Painting Course

In this course, the focus of each lesson would be to explore oil paint as a medium through the understanding of its properties. Colour mixing, blending and tonal appreciation are some of the many topics that will be covered by our experienced art teacher. Students will explore still life, landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions, as well as bring photo references to create their own masterpieces.

One of the still life set-ups used for oil painting studies.

A student’s completed rendering of still life in oil paint.

Flowers are the most popular choice of subject matter for oil painting works.

One of our student’s vibrant still life study.

Students can also create their own beautiful compositions from imagination.

A poetic painting of a singular rose rendered in oil paint by one of our students.

Snowy landscapes challenge our students to identify the subtle hints of colour in snow.A student’s landscape painting.

A beautiful sunset over a pier, painted by our student.

For our more advanced students, portraits in oil paint are a fun way to challenge their skills.

Students are able to bring their own photo references to create meaningful works of personal significance.


Nude Life Drawing Workshop

This workshop is very different from all other art courses as it involves an actual nude model posing in the studio for our students. Our experienced teacher will first demonstrate how to capture the various tonal values, weight and body parts of the model before guiding students in their observational sketches. This course focuses on the drawing of nude life models through observation, study of human anatomy and gestural drawing. No prior experience is required to register for this workshop!

In these sessions, our students are able to observe the nude model in person to create more anatomically accurate sketches.

Students are able to use graphite pencils, charcoal and watercolour to render the nude subject on paper.

Contrary to popular belief, creating beautiful works of art is not difficult. The hardest part of starting a journey in art is having the courage and motivation to set aside time to immerse yourself in the process of art creation. Once you pick up the pencil or paintbrush, the rest should come naturally with a bit of time and practice.

What are you waiting for? Feed the art enthusiast in you and sign up for lessons now!

We recommend: 12 sessions Art Immersion Course

Unlike courses found in other local art schools, our 12 Sessions Art Immersion Course allows students to learn 3 different mediums: Drawing & Sketching, Acrylic Painting, and Oil Painting – all at the price of one. Build up your foundation in pencil sketching before proceeding on to learning the many techniques of oil painting, or tailor the course however you wish to fit your preferences. The Art Immersion Course allows you to do all that and more!

At the end of 12 sessions, you will see your art abilities improve exponentially, and will be able to bring home beautiful, hand-painted and drawn art pieces.

Our Art Studio

All of Visual Arts Centre’s art courses are held in our beautiful glass-house studio, located just beside the lush green lawn of Dhoby Ghaut Green. With copious amounts of natural light streaming in, relaxing music and a friendly community of art students and teachers, our studio is a cozy and welcoming space for art enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Our space also comprises of an Exhibition Gallery next door to the studio, allowing our art students to pop by after lessons to marvel at the works of local and international artists. This unique combination of a gallery and an art studio is a novel and refreshing concept that has made art lessons a completely immersive experience.

Contact us now at 6733 2155 / 6255 0711 to register now!

We hope to see you at Visual Arts Centre soon to kickstart an exciting journey in art!

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