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Live Landscape Watercolor Painting Workshop by Ong Kim Seng 

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Art Master Workshop Series

Themed specialty art workshops with internationally acclaimed art masters

Visual Arts Centre proudly launches the Art Master Workshop Series as an exclusive masterclass workshop collaboration with internationally acclaimed art masters. The Art Master Workshop Series provides art lovers with a rare opportunity to be led and fully guided by the master artist on an immersive workshop journey. With this Art Master Workshop series, we’ll introduce you to learn and to experience a variety of art mediums and themes presented through different workshops. Acquire a deeper understanding of the art subject and theme of study, learn and appreciate the art medium and its applications, and practise under the artist’s guidance.

This series of art workshops is suitable for drawing and painting hobbyists and even beginners who are exploring or learning any art mediums. The workshop topic will be at a beginner-intermediate level, so that learners may learn and enjoy the workshop without being intimidated.

Visual Arts Centre – strong and ongoing collaboration with established artists

Visual Arts Centre is an art gallery space and art studio with a strong art programme dedicated to supporting local and international artists. Located in the prime district of Dhoby Ghaut. Next  to various art exhibitions and presentations. We’ve also Hosted and featured the Maritime (2016), Transcend ( ) , Japan Society and China Society, just to name a few.

We are dedicated to support and present a strong art exhibition programme to introduce local artists – thus, developing and evolving into these Art Master Series as we strongly believe that having a master class forms a bridge between artists and locals.

Having represented various 2nd & 3rd generated artist since 2012,  Asia Arts Collective (AAC) is an art consultant to the needs of corporate. Since 2012, Iola Liu, owner of Asia Art Collective – founder of Visual Arts Centre has worked with multiple artists, which enabled us to bring out this on-going series which includes several art masterclass workshops. Each workshop will cover a specific topic/technique that is unique to the medium. The concept of each class will vary depending on the study subject, which aids to uncover a new perspective of observing, making and appreciating art.

An art masterclass series unable to missed out!

We collaborate with top art masters to bring high quality art instruction closer to all art enthusiasts, art practitioners, and art lovers at an affordable price. Whether you are looking forward to approach international art masters, or to accelerate your art skill from the top instructors, this Series is totally for you!

This series is suitable for those with previous experience in drawing / sketching. Beginners may also look forward to join for a new perspective and an introduction to the practices introduced during the workshop.

Featuring this year 2020

Live Landscape Watercolor Painting Workshop by Ong Kim Seng 

ong kim seng watercolour masterclass live landscape painting
In November 2020, we are bringing you art masterclass in watercolour landscape painting. Live Landscape Watercolor Painting Workshop @Fort Canning Park, introduced by Ong Kim Seng, will bring you from our Art Gallery to Fort Canning Park to observe live landscape and sketch directly. Ong Kim Seng is a master in creating watercolor works with vibrant colors and exquisite expression of light – a technique that resemble Impressionism art movement (a famous name rising up during this movement includes Monet with his famous Cathedrals: A Life Study of Light series, The Cliff Walk at Pourville and Women with a Parasol – Madame Monet and her Son). In this workshop, Ong Kim Seng will introduce you to his techniques and practice in mastering understanding of light and shade for landscape, and ways to express it using watercolour. During this 3-hour workshop, Ong Kim Seng will walk you through:
  • Quick Landscape sketching techniques;
  • Watercolor painting techniques for Landscape;
Workshop schedule:
  • 9.50am: Assemble at Visual Arts Centre, briefing by artist Ong Kim Seng and dispatch of sketching materials;
  • 9.40am – 10.40am: Move to Fort Canning Park, learn plein air sketching  from live landscape;
  • 10.40am – 12.30: Move back to Visual Arts Centre, learn landscape watercolor painting.

Join us for a fun-filled art trip within Singapore! A new perspective of Singapore scene is waiting for you to uncover! Sign up here! 

About Ong Kim Seng

Born in 1945 in Singapore, Ong Kim Seng is an internationally renowned watercolorist and one of Singapore’s most prominent artistic icons. Notable solo and group exhibition he has held/participated:
  • Featured in Shanghai Art Fair and Guangzhou Art Fair in 2005;
  • International Travel Solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Canberra, Washington, Yangon starting in April 2006, each exhibition lasted from 4 – 6 weeks;
  • Retrospective exhibition “The Art of Ong Kim Seng” at Malaysia, 2005;
  • Solo Exhibition “Home and Nation in the art of Ong Kim Seng” at Singapore Art Museum, 2008;
  • Solo Exhibition with Quanhua Watercolour Museum, Shanghai, China, 2013
  • Joined Group Exhibition “Follow the Masters, Shanghai Joint Exhibition of International Watercolour Masters and workshops”, Shanghai, China, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • He has won a multitude of awards including six awards from the American Watercolor Society, and the coveted Cultural Medallion in 1999.
watercolour landscape painting ong kim seng

Beside painting, Ong also add several art books to his life-long legacy. His books compile a considerate amount of his paintings, art studies, and revolving around techniques and painting methods.

What you will learn in Art Masterclass in Landscape Live Watercolour Painting with Ong Kim Seng?

This Watercolour Live Landscape Painting workshop – Art Master Series at Visual Arts Centre provide the practical instruction of how to master light and shade in watercolour painting. This was introduced by Ong Kim Seng in his famous book “Mastering Light & Shade in watercolour” (2003).

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the techniques directly from master watercolour painter Ong Kim Seng.

All materials will be provided for the workshop. All you need is be ready to embark on a journey to your familiar Singapore scene and extract only its exquisite beauty onto your painting.

Each participants will be able to bring back your painting at the end of the lesson. Come join us for a professional art masterclass experience with artist Ong Kim Seng,

An opportunity to learn professional technique from an international acclaimed watercolour master – Ong Kim Seng!


What will you bring back from the Art Masterclass Workshop in Watercolor Live Landscape Painting with Ong Kim Seng?

  • Each participants will be able to bring back your painting at the end of the lesson;
  • A set of sketch book and sketch pen;
  • In-depth understanding of light and shade in landscape watercolor painting.

Join our Art Master Series here for art masterclass experiences with international renown artists!

Live Alla Prima Portrait Oil Painting Workshop by Michael Britton

Detail Information:

  • Date: Monday, 19 & 26 October and 2 November
  • Time: 7.30pm – 10pm;
  • Course fee: $330/3 Session (U.P. $380/3 Session), $140/1 Single Session
  • All materials are provided.

What you will learn in Art Master Series – Alla Prima Oil Portrait Painting Workshop with Michael Britton

In this Art Masterclass Workshop, you will be using oil to paint portrait from a live model, with the instruction of international master artist Michael Britton. For oil painting enthusiasts, this is an art masterclass you are unable to missed out!

For beginners, you are looking forward to achieved:

  • Foundation Understanding in Oil Colour, Oil Painting Materials, Oil Painting techniques;
  • Basics knowledge in observing live model and construct human portrait accurately.

If you are an experienced learners, this workshop is exactly what you need!

  • Advance Alla Prima oil technique;
  • Creative use and mixing techniques to achieve unique paint colour;
  • Intensive study of skin tones and lighting.

Discovering a fascinating way of making oil portrait painting – Alla Prima!

Alla Prima (wet on wet) is a direct painting style where paint is applied wet on wet without letting earlier layer dries. In Italian, the “alla prima” term means “at first attempt”. Originally, Alla Prima is a technique used to paint in one session only to give out a spontaneous and fresh result.

This techniques will not only groom the painter to have fascinate use of oil painting but also build up great understanding of human face’s anatomy. This Art Masterclass Workshop bring you high quality instruction from American master artist Michael Britton, and guidances to help you make it your own skill!

As a master in Alla Prima painting, teacher Michael Britton will be the best lead for you to kickstart your Alla Prima learning journey!

Led by international master artist Michael Britton, this Art Masterclass workshop in Oil Portrait Painting bring you professional quality instruction in executing a unique oil portrait painting – a way you would never expected!

Beside learning foundation techniques in creating oil portrait, you will groom your skills effectively by studying with live model! Each workshop will feature a different model with different postures in order to maximise the learning capability of the lesson.

What’s more is Michael will go through all process of making a portrait painting:

  • composing face structure,
  • identify facial characteristic,
  • mixing colour, and
  • ways to apply paint on your canvas!

Furthermore, Michael will also demonstrate the techniques in three mediums in successive lessons.

What are you waiting for? Join our Oil Portrait Painting workshop to learn the magnificent art of using oil colour, and how to paint the portrait of your favourite person!

Only up to seven seats are available. All art materials, canvas 40x50cm, brushes are provided. More comfortable to use your own materials? Feel free to bring your own materials.

Interested? Sign up NOW for Early Bird price at only $330/3 Sessions (U.P. $380/3 Sessions)! Check it out!

Art Master Series – A Professional Series of Art Masterclass workshop in Singapore, led by international renowned artists. 

Join now to accelerate your art skills, and bring unique voices to your own painting! Stay tune for more workshop in the future! 

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