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Many beginners may feel challenged when it comes to using watercolours, however it is one of the most versatile forms of paintings.; they are fun, they are cost-effective and give a lot of possibilities for creative self-expression. Watercolors are water-based and non-toxic, hence making it an ideal tool to teach painting to children. So, if you’re just a beginner or want to get your creative juices flowing, watercolor paintings are a great start for any age! Watercolor being a versatile and flexible medium can yield a variety of results, there are various watercolor techniques you can adopt as your own to create a skill worth pursuing.

Our student working on a watercolour landscape painting

Watercolour painting is like sketching but using water soluble pigments. It is also familiarly used by the children during school activities and performed with boxed sets of color paints with a wet brush. The pigment transfers itself to the watered brush.

One of our younger student’s completed masterpiece.

Watercolour city landscape

The paper plays an important role in making watercolor paintings because the paper will determine the quality of your painting through its content, weight, texture and production. There is also not much equipment used when making watercolor paintings, therefore it is especially easy to do live paintings on the go!

Scenery painting done by one of our students.


Watercolour portrait


Watercolour nude life portraits done by our students

Conclusively, watercolor painting is the most amazing form of art to start out if you’re new to art. Lay out your imagination on a paper, use shades to bring life to your expression, and you can create art worth preserving.

We conduct studio sessions for interested learners of watercolour painting where you will be guided to learn various techniques of watercolour painting. If you’re keen to learn how to paint still-life, sceneries, portraits or nude life models(for  18+ only), we got you covered! Our instructors are well-skilled and friendly, we ensure you that you will walk away with a new skill if you would join us for our sessions. Learn watercolour painting today and create your own masterpieces at Visual Arts Centre Studio!

Visual Arts Centre’s watercolour classes are available in 12, 24 and 50 sessions packages.

If you are interested in reading more about our watercolour classes and nude life/portrait courses, please view this page: Visual Arts Centre’s Watercolour Art Course , Nude life/Portrait Art course

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