Professional Watercolour Painting 专业水彩课程


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Are you interested in watercolour painting? Pop by Visual Arts Centre to learn how to paint using watercolour!

In our studio, you will be able to learn how to paint a wide variety of subjects – from our carefully curated still life set-upslandscapes and sceneriesportraitsflora and fauna and many more! Join us in studio if you would like to master the art of watercolour.

In this 12 sessions watercolour course, you will be exposed to the basics of watercolour painting and get acquainted with the medium. Our instructor will be guiding you on the foundations of drawing and sketching, before teaching you how to use watercolour paints. You will be familiarized with the types of brushes to use and basic watercolour techniques such as colour blending. This is a good introductory course for anyone keen in learning watercolor, with a fuss-free experience. After this 12 session watercolour course, you will be able to attain a foundational level of competency in this medium.

In a comfortable studio setting, you will complete a watercolour artwork in every 1-3 sessions and learn a number of essential watercolour techniques, all done with the guidance of our professionally trained art instructor.

  • Who should sign up? 

This course is suitable for anyone with a passion or interest to learn – so whether you are someone who have dabbled in watercolour painting before or someone with no experience at all, you are all free to join and try out this beautiful medium.  For people who have had experience in watercolour, this is a good place for a refresher course where you will start off with intermediate level themes or subjects and develop more skills from there on. Our professional teacher following your pace and guiding you along the way! Get ready to learn how to begin your watercolour paintings!

  • What can I look forward to learning in class?

Materials knowledge and understanding of watercolor painting, methods and techniques of watercolor painting, application and innovation of special expression techniques used in watercolour painting in painting various subjects. Subjects are: Still Life, Landscape, Architecture, Portrait, Figure, others. Styles: Realism, Distortion/Semi-abstraction, Surrealism etc.


 Learn how to paint your favourite food using watercolor!
a) Still Life: Through observing the still life sets of vegetables, fruits, ceramics, utensils, flowers, cloth fabrics, etc., one will learn the skills of form and composition, space, how to observe the colours of the subjects, colors of the environment, the characteristics of light and its colors, leaving out white spaces, water to paint proportions, brush skills and expressing different textures in watercolour and using watercolour painting to portray the subjects in a realistic manner, and add on personalised styles.
一 )静物写生:通过写生蔬菜、瓜果、陶瓷、器皿、花卉、衬布等静物,学习构图、空间、掌握固有色、环境色的色彩表现,光感、亮色的处理、掌握水彩“留空”的画法、水分运用、运笔技巧、质感表现。

Want to paint a picture from your travels? Bring the picture along and our instructor will guide you on how to begin your watercolour masterpiece.

Learn how to do a watercolour painting of your favourite local spot!

b) Landscape: Learn to frame compositions of landscape scenes. Naturescapes and scenery may seem very complicated and detailed and beautiful natural scenery may be hard to find. As it may not always possible to get a good view of every location, the watercolour painter should use one’s own judgement and methods of perspective to compose one’s painting, reducing, adding details, giving contrast whenever necessary. Methods of observation is important and will be practised in landscape painting. Building your observation skills – learn to observe and capture the scenery; learn how to use watercolour to paint the sky, clouds and trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, buildings, streetscapes, portraying various textures and spatial relationship of the landscapes, and being able to express the mood of scenery.

二)风景写生:学习取景构图,自然界景物很繁杂 ,但并非到处都很美丽,也不是每个地方都能入画,必须通过必要的选择,凭借自己的观察取景;学习如何画天空、云朵、树木、山川、河流、海洋、建筑、街景等技巧。学习远景、近景的空间距离处理,学习大自然光色变化,表现阴天、晴天、春夏秋冬季节的光色特征。


                                         Architecture building/ Cityscapes

Learn how to paint your friends using watercolour!

c) Life Drawing/Figure Drawing: Human figures are more difficult to master in watercolor paintings. Unlike still life and landscapes where subjects can be randomly added, reduced, modified, and transformed, figure painting requires very accurate form observation ability and good sketching skills. In particular, the portrayal of character expressions and dynamic poses requires students to have a deep foundation.

Life model sketching trains the observation skills, form observation ability and prepares you for higher level sketching. Learn brush skills and skin texture characteristics for figure painting. Life drawing classes are included in the Watercolour Painting course. (Find out more from us – a top up of $15 model fees is required)



Like lotus flowers? Learn how to paint them using watercolour!

d) Developing your own artistic style through watercolour painting: The creative process in developing one’s own style through watercolor painting is basically similar to other mediums (such as oil, acrylic) in terms of creative thinking and using various painting methods and techniques. A combination of creativity and imagination and knowledge and experience with using the medium will enable learners to develop their own style in watercolour painting.

四)水彩画创作:学习水彩画技法的目的在于进行水彩画的创作 ,水彩画创作与其他画种在 创作思想、创作方法和创作流程方面是基本一致的。水彩画创作的方法与步骤包括如何进行构图,如何进行人物及景物的选择,画素描稿,画色彩稿和落幅创作等五个大的方面。通过水彩画课程训练,创作出属于具有独特艺术风格的作品!

Check out some of our students amazing works!

  • How are the lessons going to be like? 

With each new painting, our instructor will be guiding you to:

1. How to plan, draw and compose a sketch using pencils. Basic drawing and sketching techniques such as perspectives, composition and proportions will be taught.

2. Try your hand at painting on the underpainting – a crucial step in watercolor painting. The underpainting helps you to see the lights and shadows more clearly before you begin painting.

3. How to paint using watercolours.

4. Refining your work – how to add in the details in the piece.

Throughout the course, you will be acquainted with the use of the watercolour medium. Basic materials knowledge will also be taught by our friendly instructor. Our instructor will be guiding you and encouraging you along the way!

Here is a step-by-step approach on how a watercolour painting is done.

Which course should I sign up for – 12, 18 or 28 sessions?

Our art studio currently provides 3 watercolour packages – 12, 18 and 28 sessions.

You might want to consider these factors before signing up for the course:

Time – How much time are you willing to commit to learn watercolour painting? 



End result – What is your objective of learning watercolour?

For 12 sessions, you will get a taste test of how it is like to use watercolour. This would be suitable for those who are not sure if they are into the art form yet. You will be introduced to the basics of watercolour, learn how to sketch and properly use the medium. After this course, you will probably attain a beginner’s level of competency in watercolour painting.

If you take up the 18 sessions art course, you will get an intermediate level of competency in watercolour painting. You will be able to learn more watercolour techniques, and explore a wider variety of subjects. If you have a passion for watercolour and need more help in honing your skills, but isn’t ready to commit for long term, take up this course! You will find yourself picking up the medium relatively well. This package is also suited for beginners, who might need more time to learn how to use watercolour.

The 28 sessions art course is suitable for anyone who is keen in learning watercolour seriously. If you like to attain an intermediate to advanced level of competency and is looking to learn watercolour painting for a long term, you should try out this art course. With the largest number of sessions, you will definitely be able to learn more watercolour techniques, tips and tricks, and have more time to get yourself acquainted with the medium, all with the help of our friendly instructor.

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We are opening a new session – every Thursday from 1.30pm – 3.45pm. Call us at 6255 0711 to check the availability of the class!

我们每周四 1.30pm 至 3.45pm 即将开放新的课程, 若有兴趣的话,请拨打6255 0711, 询问详情。

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Course description:

Suitable for beginners to those with experience in sketching and other mediums, students will be introduced to the foundations of watercolour painting and learn the many techniques involved in producing a good watercolour painting. Each lesson in the course will have a different subject matter and learning objective, ranging from foundational knowledge to advanced techniques.

This course is also suitable for those with experience in watercolour as a refresher to proper painting techniques.

After 12 sessions, students will acquire a foundational level of competency and should be comfortable painting still life and landscapes. Moving forward, students will be able to choose their focus of study on landscape, architecture, advanced still life subjects or portraiture and life drawing. This course is suitable for those who have no foundation in any form of art, and those interested in picking up watercolour painting. Basic drawing and sketching techniques, as well as observational skills will also be taught over the course of the lessons.


Each session runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Our class schedules are as followed:


MON 5PM-7.15PM / 7:30PM – 9:45PM*

WED 11AM-1.15PM / 1:30PM – 3:45PM*

THU 11AM- 1:15PM* / 1.30PM-3.45PM (NEW – Enquire with us)

FRI 11AM-1.15PM* (NEW CLASS – Enquire with us) / 1.30PM-3.45PM* (NEW CLASS – Enquire with us)

SAT 1o.30AM-12.45PM / 1PM-3.15PM / 3.30PM-5.45PM*

SUN 10:30AM – 12:45PM/ 1:00PM – 3:15PM

*Watercolour Paintings are provided on these days

12 sessions: $500 – 6 months validity

18 sessions: $800 – 8 months validity

28 sessions: $1, 160 – 10 months validity

*all materials are included in this course and students may bring back all completed works

Call us at 6255 0711/ 67332155 or email us to RSVP your attendance.



Every MondayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday - Sunday, from 21 August 2019 - 31 December 2021


Mon 5pm - 7.15pm, 7.30pm - 9.45pm | Wed 11am-1.15pm, 1.30pm - 3.45pm, | Thurs 11am - 1.15pm, 1.30pm-3.45pm | Fri 11am-1.15pm, 1.30pm-3.45pm | Sat 10.30am-12.45pm, 1pm-3.15pm. 3.30pm-5.45pm | Sun 10.30am - 12.45pm, 1pm - 3.15pm

Number of Sessions:

12 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 500


Visual Arts Centre

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated. No refunds will be provided. Maximum of one time transfers to another student is allowed. Call us at 6255 0711 for more information.

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