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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton


Do you aspire to be an urban sketcher? Or perhaps a portrait artist? If so, learn drawing and sketching and live your dream today!

We offer a plethora of courses at the Visual Arts Centre, ranging from Watercolour Painting to Acrylic Painting and also Drawing and Sketching! Whether you are a novice with an immense passion for Art, or seeking to advance your prior experience in these mediums, the courses here are tailored to suit your interests and aptitude!

We offer 12-session, 24-session and 50-session courses for Watercolour Painting and Drawing and Sketching.

< Why is Art important and applicable to you? >

Image result for watercolour painting famousArt is prevalent everywhere you turn. It has also seemingly evolved to form an integral part of our lives today.  Art has extended its influence beyond mere incredible artworks created by infamous artists in museums and galleries. Consider the buildings we live in, work in and learn in — they were all created by an architect with an artistic vision. While we we seek respite through films, music and theatre, we are timely reminded of the various forms of art that we embrace. No matter where you look, there is art. Image result for watercolour painting famousArt is a form of expression — a manifestation of what you hold dear to your heart, what you believe in and how you think. It is therapeutic — allowing us to escape into the refuge of our fantasy. It also allows us to leave the stress of the world behind. Art can also be hobby — something you attain joy from. The benefits that we can reap from engaging in the Arts is endless.

< Sketch Artwork by Renowned Artist >

Leonardo da Vinci’s art piece

Image result for famous sketching artists davinci This beautiful sketch of three hands is in the Royal Library at the Windsor Castle exemplifies Leonardo da Vinci’s intense fascination with anatomical correctness and the effects of light and shadow. That lightly-sketched hand seems to be the ghost of the top hand, which holds a sprig of some sort of plant.

{ Drawing and Sketching }

Drawing and Sketching Visual Arts Centre

Why join our Drawing and Sketching Courses?

Drawing and Sketching Art Class Singapore, Visual Arts Centre, Art Courses Singapore The practice of drawing and sketching is the foundation of all visual arts. You use line and tone to achieve solidity and depth. In which case drawing and sketching gives life to three-dimensional forms on a piece of paper. Systematic training in drawing is not only the first step into the world of art making. It is in fact, much more than that. The practice of drawing is therapeutic in nature and helps also cultivates patience, mental alertness, and perseverance.

Drawing and Sketching Courses offered at the Visual Arts Centre:

Not to worry if you’re a beginner as our instructors will tailor his/her approach accordingly to ensure the best learning experience for you. If you already have experience in sketching, our instructors will guide you based on your level of competency in art to improve your prior skills.

12 session

Drawing_and_Sketching_Visual_Arts_CentreIn the 12-session Drawing and Sketching course we offer, you will be exposed to the basics of drawing and sketching. Additionally, you will get to familiarise yourself with the use of sketching tools. Furthermore, our adept instructors will introduce you to the various drawing and sketching techniques (i.e. pencil strokes). Through the course of 12 sessions, you would be able to train your observation skills through still life drawing. You will also get to understand the composition, correct proportions and perspectives of the still life. Lastly, you would also learn to apply the correct toner value for both the objects and the surrounding colour around the still life settings!

24 session

As for the 24-session Drawing and Sketching courseyou will be able to learn more advanced techniques to express the forms, perspective, texture, and lighting of the objects. In addition, you will work on human anatomical structures(e.g. facial features, hand, nose, eyes and etc.) through plaster cast drawing. You will also work on complete works such as plaster casts of David, Voltaire, portraits of young men and women. Lastly, you will be able to learn landscape sketching, architectural sketching with pen/ ink. Through this Intermediate Drawing and Sketching course, you will be able to acquire a solid art foundation that will equip you with the suitable skill set to explore your individual expressions and achieve your artistic goals in future.

50 session

With regard to the 50-session Drawing and Sketching course, you will be able to acquire skill in drawing plaster casts with a background fabric and learn how to observe the facial features of the plaster cast.Copying masterpieces and learning the drawing skills of experts are also taught during the course. You will also learn to draw or sketch landscapes through observing photographs of sceneries, exploring several techniques on how to paint flowers, trees, architectures, street alleys, rivers and oceans. As for students with advanced drawing skills, they will learn portrait drawing with models, the difference between still figures and moving figures as well as the relationship between the facial expression and the facial muscles. Lastly, you will be able to touch on nude life / figure drawing with a model.

{ Common Questions }

What are the various platforms that I can learn Drawing and Sketching?

Image result for watercolour painting famous (1) Youtube! Without doubt, there are multitudinous online tutorials easily accessible on Youtube. There videos online on the basic techniques required for drawing and sketching to get you started! Image result for watercolour painting famous(2) However, should you want to fine-tune your competency in Art and receive tailored guidance in accordance to your current skill, we highly recommend you to check out the courses offered at the Visual Arts Centre! Through the patient and personalised guidance of our adept instructors, we assure you that you will be able to pick up the correct foundational techniques in no time! Our classes are affordable as the necessary Art materials are provided for you! As they are included in the price of the package. Not only do we offer a flexible class schedule, but we also present to you an extended validity period.

{ Summary }

To summarise, in a comfortable and conducive studio setting offered at the Visual Arts Centre, you will be able to complete an artwork every 1-3 sessions. You will be able to learn a number of essential drawing and sketching techniques under the guidance of our professionally trained Art instructors. For those who wish to explore the various Art mediums (i.e. drawing and sketching, watercolour painting and acrylic painting), we strongly recommend you to check out our Art Immersion Course which allows you the flexibility of switching between mediums across the span of 12 lessons/ 24 lessons / 50 lessons!


Built by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, Visual Arts Centre is located in the heart of the Dhoby Ghaut Arts & Heritage precinct, a main tourist destination for experiencing the arts and cultural atmosphere of Singapore. Minutes away from several major art institutions, museums and schools. We are also a stone’s throwaway from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and many bus stops, so it is easy for you to navigate to us. Have any queries? Please feel free to contact us at: 6733 2155 / 6255 0711! We can also be contacted via email at [email protected]. Location: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469