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Tips on considering a suitable art course and programme for your kid 

Kid watercolour painting art course ( holiday) Visual Arts Centre

All parents want to give their kids the best they can. They understand the importance of education in nurturing and building a child’s character. Children can be introduced to art early in their childhood and early exposure can help kids to develop self-confidence and spark their creativity and imagination. Art also allows for creative exploration and development of artistic talent. So it is important that one finds a suitable art course for their kids to set them straight from the beginning.

Kid acrylic painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

With a recent spate of increased kids art class providers, and many art class brands sprouting in almost every shopping mall. It is confusing for parents who would like to choose a suitable art class for their children. When faced with so many art classes that seem to all be the same, how should one choose which art school to enrol their child in?

Kid line drawing with watercolour painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

Factors to consider

Parents may consider a few factors when considering a suitable art school or art course for your child.

  1. Consider the age of your child and why you’ll like your child to learn art.

Kids of various age groups have very different needs and requirements and art can cultivate their interest, hone art skills and techniques and even be a springboard for talents. Perhaps from a very young age, you’ve introduced some crayons or colouring pencils to your child and they’ve enjoyed drawing and colouring and some even ask for more art activities and to go to an art class!

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

Some kids love and enjoy art, and have a keen interest and passion in art and creating various kinds of art. Hence, parents may look for an art school for their child to further develop their interest under the guidance of an experienced and professional art teacher. Parents may also find an art class for their child to develop their cognitive abilities, image visualising abilities, fine motor skills and improve writing and drawing abilities. Some kids may also have shown exceptional talent in school for art and may be suitable for an art and design career. 

Kid acrylic painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

There may be many reasons as well as plenty of advantages of learning art – both tangible and intangible. Understanding your intention, objectives and goals may help you decide which art school to go to!

The recommended age for young kids to start learning art would be at the age of 5. Between the ages of five to nine, they are at a doodling and expressive phase. For this age group, kids begin to develop fine motor skills, learn to write and draw in school. At this point, parents should not have high expectations when it comes to their kid’s achievements.

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

There is no boundaries for your child’s creativity! Kids may use their imagination to draw and express themselves, they may find connection with nature and the wonderful things they’ve learnt in school. Often, with a simple “what are you drawing?”, they would be able to tell you a whole story about their artwork!

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

Parents should try to understand more about how the art class is conducted, and the ideology behind the art school. A good art teacher should be highly empathetic, sensitive and understanding of the needs of children in various age groups. Art teachers need to be able to identify a child’s strengths and encourage independent exploration and discovery when creating art. They should not confine kids to any specifics that may set boundaries to a child’s ideas and exploration. Art studios or schools should encourage imagination, thinking out of the box and bold exploration of various art forms.

From nine years old and above, youths are starting to mature and gain sensibility. They are more attentive and are able to acquire knowledge at a deeper level. At this age, a child can begin professional art learning and skills development. Choosing a professional art instructor is important so that the child can  acquire art skills that can be applied to many areas of life – in their future academia and career.

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

For kids who show a strong passion and talent in art, parents can enrol them in a professional art school early on so they can hone their skills and have an option of applying for the Direct School Admission programme with their art talent. Some kids love art and aspire to become an artist in the future, some love manga and animation, fashion design, landscape art, architecture, etc.  These various interests that your child has may just be a signal for something greater to come.

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

As your child learns art through a professional, academy school approach, your child will acquire professional skill and techniques in drawing and painting, develop and cultivate good habits and practises in art and hone a solid foundation in art that can apply to many areas such as in illustration, manga art, character art and animation, fashion design, interior design rendering, sculpture, architecture art. With a firm foundation of proper skills and techniques and art practises, your child can take these skills anywhere with him or her, and will be especially useful for those in pursuit of art and design related careers. This is where a suitable art course for your kids comes into play.

Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre
Kid acrylic Singapore national theme painting art course ( holiday) VisualArts Centre

Why Visual Arts Centre might have a suitable art course for your kids

Visual Arts Centre is an art studio and a professional art training centre for teenagers and adults. Visual Arts Centre is supported by the National Parks Board as a chosen arts programme for the Dhoby Ghaut Green precinct. Visual Arts Centre provides a creative kids art immersion programme and a structured, professional, academy approach tailored curriculum for teenagers and adults.


With a strong school of professional academy art trained teachers from both local and international art academies, Visual Arts Centre tailors an art learning and development programme for teenagers and adults according to various art levels and goals. With the dedication of the art teachers, many art students have realised their art dreams at Visual Arts Centre. VAC art students have been enrolled into prestigious art schools and academies and have obtained professional accreditations and careers in art successfully.

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Visual Arts Centre is located right on top of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, 30m off Exit B.

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