Visual Arts Centre

If you are looking to learn professional watercolour, drawing and sketching, oil painting or acrylic painting, Visual Arts Centre’s got you covered!

A 6-month package of 12 sessions tailored learning for Drawing and Sketching and Painting of all mediums – Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting and Watercolour Painting.

This art immersion course will be fun and exciting, and will help you kickstart your artistic journey! This course is suitable for learners of any experience levels – from beginners to professionals. Our art classes are flexible and convenient – you can come in whenever you are available and do not have to fret missing out on any classes. You can comfortably finish the package within 6 months, ample time for you to take time to learn the basic techniques and create works of your own creative works. Our teacher will be here to guide you on the next step to take, and you can then pick up from where you left off.

What can you learn from the course?

For the 12 sessions art course, you will learn be able to try out at least 2-3 mediums in offered in our studio. Our studio currently offers – drawing and sketching, watercolour painting, acrylic painting and oil painting. Through the course of 12 sessions, you can choose the medium of your choice to work on first, before moving on to the next one. The flexibility to switch between mediums (e.g. after doing drawing and sketching, you can move on to oil painting!).

Student working on her oil painting. 学生正在画她的油画

Student using our still life sets for oil painting. 油画石膏写生

Student completing his own creative work. 学生在画自己的创作作品

Victor, our student using his mouth to paint his oil painting.  伟良同学用嘴叼画笔画出的油画作品

Student completing her creative oil painting. 学生在画自己的创作作品

Typical scene in our art studio – everyone is busy painting! 画室一角

Our Art Studio 画室一角

Student working on her watercolour landscape学生正在画水彩风景画

Student copying a watercolour work. 学生在临摹水彩花卉作品

Plaster cast sketch 石膏写生

Plaster cast sketch 石膏写生

Who is this course suitable for?

For students who are looking to try out all mediums, or would like to find the medium for your choice, you can look froward to grasping the foundation level of all mediums. For students who are looking to be really well versed in one medium (e.g. being really good at oil painting or drawing and sketching), we would recommend you to dedicate all sessions to focus and learn that sole medium, until you are well acquainted with it. Should you like to focus on one medium itself, you may reach a beginner – intermediate level of competency.

*Flexible schedule: Choose any lesson slot according to your preference!