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Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a Nude Life Model drawing session?

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* Video contains partial nudity, viewer discretion is advised *

An experienced model for the past 9 years, Shirley has mentioned that she does not feel awkward being naked in front of people. She has also mentioned that as an artist, she uses her body as her tool.

According to Shirley, “the only criteria to be a nude model is to be confident in your own skin”.

Recollecting back to the first time Shirley did nude modelling, it had already occurred to her that she would be in the presence of multiple artists. Artists who are beginners, retired, and even those with have full time jobs.

During the breaks in the Nude Life Model drawing session, the model would walk around and look at the many artists’ works. The model would interact with the participants whilst they enquire her about the shading and tones, as well as compliment their works.

Interested in participating in Nude Life Drawing session?

If you interested in attending a Nude Life Drawing session, sign up for the Nude Life Drawing with Artist Guidance Workshop that we organise twice every month!

Students perfecting their artworks

Students perfecting their artworks (highlights and shadows)

A professional artist will be present to guide you in capturing the beauty of the human figure. So do not worry if you’re a beginner, everybody has to start somewhere!

Throughout the 2.5 hours Nude Life Drawing workshop, you will learn the basics of human figure drawing, capturing the beauty of the human figure. There will be several short and long poses made by the model. So don’t blink as you capture their every motion, shade, tone, skin texture and gesture of the model with your own interpretations.

A nude life model is beneficial for those who are constantly drawing figures, because the presence of a life model allows you to understand the tones and shadings of a human body.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions about our Nude Life Drawing Workshop, feel free to contact us @ 6733 2155 / 6255 0711. You can also email us at [email protected]

Click here for more information about our Nude Life Drawing with Artist Guidance Workshop.