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It is interesting to know that Chinese ink painting as an art form offers a conduit to emotional release. The use of art practices for therapeutic purposes has become the human interest. Expressing hidden emotions through Chinese ink painting has been particularly important in Chinese culture, rich in traditions, creating a sense of collective harmony to every individual emotions. Chinese ink painting is often done for personal enjoyment, but it also serves a purpose by expressing emotions onto rice paper. Learning Chinese Ink painting is indeed relaxing and therapeutic.

Different from other forms of painting, Chinese ink painting relies on the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the subjects by using limited inks and colours. Similar to watercolour, the key to Chinese ink painting lies in the poetic feeling it is meant to achieve. Chinese ink painting is more concerned with water based techniques. In addition, the water-ink ratio is the most important part to take note on. With a brush loaded with ink and water, compose your Chinese ink paintings on rice paper. Chinese ink painting involves blending and tactful composition, expressing the essence and spiritual elements of  the subjects.

The features of Chinese Ink painting are realistic representation of close subjects,  abstraction of distant subjects, subtle colours and a rich artistic conception. If you have not tried this art form, we encourage you to try it as will open your eyes to a whole new world of creative expressionism! If you are looking for the best and affordable Chinese ink painting course in Singapore, Visual Arts Centre is the right place for you to learn the beautiful, therapeutic and tradition rich medium of Chinese ink painting, which is also a prominent form of art in Japan and Korea!

In our affordable Chinese ink painting courses, you will be introduced to the materials and techniques used in creating various brushstrokes and ink nuances in Chinese ink painting. Not only that, our best Singapore’s Chinese ink painting courses will bring you through the knowledge and brief history of Chinese ink painting!

Visual Arts Centre’s affordable Chinese Ink Painting course provides art instruction and guidance from a foundational level. This is to bridge any previous knowledge, and to better guide complete beginners through a step-by-step approach. Our professional art instructors will be happy to guide you through every step of your Chinese ink painting learning journey! For those who wants to upgrade your Chinese ink painting skills, we have provided various advanced learning subjects for you to explore!
We do provide Zoom Live Art Sessions for Chinese Ink painting!
Visual Arts Centre’s Zoom Live Art Sessions offer a step by step demonstration, and receive tips and guidance at each step and be able to complete an artwork at the end of 2Hours and 15Minutes. With an artwork completed at the end of each session, you can choose and pick any four sessions to attend at $180 nett only, or attend one single session at $75nett. Our affordable Chinese Ink painting’s Zoom Live Art Sessions are suitable for all levels!

The Chinese ink painting courses that Visual Arts Centre provide are suitable for beginners to advanced. In this Chinese ink painting course, you will be introduced to learn the Chinese brush strokes techniques, materials and skills required in Chinese ink painting. The art form itself is tricky to master – the brushstrokes and the way to manoeuvre ink and water.

Gain an appreciation and understanding to Chinese ink painting practise and composition with this affordable Chinese art course in Singapore. By joining our best Chinese ink painting course in Singapore, you will be able to pick up Chinese ink painting techniques starting from the foundation of Chinese ink painting, learning subjects such as the:

  • “Four gentlemen” – plum blossoms, chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids first,
  • Popular subjects of birds and flowers,
  • Introduction to landscape painting
  • Introduction to abstract/semi-abstract Chinese landscape painting
  • Calligraphy practise in every session (to understand brushwork, calligraphy strokes.

In our affordable Chinese Ink painting course Singapore, you will learn the blending and tactful composition of Chinese ink painting, and and Chinese Ink painting techniques. The techniques and compositions used in Chinese Ink painting express the essence and spiritual elements of the subjects.

Take the opportunity to develop your Chinese Ink painting techniques and skills and discover the world of Chinese Ink painting at the Visual Arts Centre Singapore!

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