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Visual Arts Centre is organising its first ever students art exhibition! Themed – Salt of the Earth, this exhibition seeks to celebrate the goodness of life! We warmly invite all art students to do their best in creating wonderful artworks for this exhibition!

This exhibition, themed Salt of the Earth seeks to celebrate the goodness of life and the beauty of life through our own uniqueness. Organised and sponsored by VAC, this exhibition aims to provide VAC art students with an opportunity to showcase their artworks and to motivate them to hone their artistic skills and style.

Since the establishment of Visual Arts Centre in January 2016, the VAC Art Studio has trained many art learners of all ages through the professional art courses offered – Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour Painting, Drawing and Sketching. Our art students have developed a strong art foundation in various mediums and they continue to embark on their journey in discovery of their own artistic style and passions!

We invite all art students to participate in this showcase! 

Ponder around the theme – Salt of the Earth and find your own interpretations! Perhaps take a step back and reflect on your own inspirations in life, your motivations and influences, and if there were moments of breakthroughs and victories in your lives. What is the goodness in your life? What is the goodness of you, of what you love, or of our mother earth? Join us to embark on this journey in discovery of the Goodness in our lives, the people around us and in you and me.

We support Very Special Arts to raise funds for their artists

This exhibition also seeks to raise funds for a charity organisation close to our hearts – Very Special Arts – which is a charity organisation that supports and grooms artists with disabilities.

60% of the proceeds of the exhibition will be given to VSA, while 40% of the proceeds will go to art students for their hardwork and to cover any framing costs incurred.

Artworks will be priced together by VAC based only on size and medium of artwork, and all remaining artworks will be returned to the art students after the exhibition.

What does VSA support?

VSA is a charity organization that is launched in 1993 to provide people with disabilities access to arts, to give them the opportunity for rehabilitation and social integration. Aiming to create and provide opportunities for people to use the arts as a channel to integrate into society. VSA currently has 800 beneficiaries and helps to provide Arts courses to engage, empower and  enable people with disabilities. Play a part in supporting this meaningful course and let us work together to build an inclusivee art community!

The exhibiting fee is made is free for art students of VAC. VAC art students will also be provided of all art materials during the art courses – canvas 40x50cm, 50x50cm, 50x60cm, 60x70cm. Framing is OPTIONAL and at students’ own cost, for students who want to arrange for framing together, the estimated cost of framing is $50-$100 depending on sizes.

All VAC art students are eligible to participate, all ages accepted.

To participate in this exhibition, please prepare the following:

1. Register interest to participate and fill the registration form (now till August)

Call us at 6255 0711 or email us at [email protected] for any enquiries

2. Submit images of completed artwork, 1 to maximum 4 artworks for selection and confirmation from 1 August to 31 October 2019 to email : [email protected] with the images saved as (title of your artwork, size), and provide an 80-100 words description/artist message detailing the meaning of your artwork(s).

3. Receive confirmation on selected artworks by 10 November and prepare to submit selected artworks when notified. Framing is optional and can be organised together or separately at students’ own cost. (Estimation $50-$100).

4. Invite all your friends and family! Have fun and get ready for the Exhibition Opening Party on 7 Dec, 7pm onwards!

Let us know if you would like to volunteer for gallery sitting duties from 7 Dec, 3pm-10pm, 8-11 Dec, 11am-7pm, daily!

Thank you for your participation and support!




VAC 新加坡视觉艺术中心自2016年1月启动以来,开办了专业学院派素描、油画,还有水彩和丙烯画。学生们在专业导师指点下,有的从零基础不会画;或从未没拿过画笔;到能独立写生和创作,各个在绘画原有水平都明显提升,学生们经过一段时期的专业训练后,都打下了稳固的绘画基础,对日后升学或成为专职画家都起到很好的铺垫。学生所取得的成绩是时候展现给观众了!

VAC 新加坡视觉艺术中心给学生们提供展示的平台,邀请全体学员参与这次的展览,努力用心创作自己独特的艺术作品。新加坡视觉艺术中心将赞助展览厅,赞助创作作品的画布,导师指点教导学生们创作。

《一切美好》学生展览支持 Very Special Arts 新加坡特殊才艺协会




作品尺寸:1)油画和丙烯画 40cm x 50cm , 50cm x 60cm, 50cm x 50cm, 60cm x 70cm 。2)素描/速写/漫画 纸张尺寸 4K 或8K  。 3) 水彩画水彩纸 4K 或 8K



展览目的:此次展览是学生成绩的汇报展,同时把作品定价出售,所卖款项的40%归作者所有,其余60%捐献给 Very Special Arts (VSA) 新加坡特殊才艺协会,作为支持资助残障人士实现追求艺术的梦想,有经费在艺术上继续深造学习。每个人都有梦想,追求自己的梦想、实现自己的梦想,那是多么美好的事情。惟有心怀对美好的期待,才有力量创造美好。




作品尺寸:1)油画和丙烯画 40cm x 50cm , 50cm x 60cm, 50cm x 50cm, 60cm x 70cm 。(画布任选一张)2)素描/速写/漫画 纸张尺寸 4K 或8K  。 3) 水彩画水彩纸 4K 或 8K



展览目的:此次展览是学生成绩的汇报展,同时把作品定价出售,所卖款项的40%归作者所有,其余60%捐献给 VSA 机构,作为支持资助残障人士实现追求艺术的梦想,有经费在艺术上继续深造学习。每个人都有梦想,追求自己的梦想、实现自己的梦想,那是多么美好的事情。惟有心怀对美好的期待,才有力量创造美好。

“心有多大,舞台就有多大“。 希望学员们踊跃参加这个活动,做一件有意义非常美好的事情。

从即日开始报名! 请学员们在8月1日至10月31日把作品图片发到 [email protected]。 让老师统一筛选,在11月中确认展览作品通知学员!学员们可以自己安排做框,也可以不做框。如果部份学员选择统一制作画框,价格大约在$50 – $100之间,由学员自负。

快来报名准备作品参加展览吧!随时联系我们 62550711 !Contact Us for any queries!


Thank you for your participation and support!