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Looking for classes suitable for adults? Give art classes a try!

Parents of the current society have always placed great emphasis on their children’s enrichment. However, now that they have grown up, it is now prime time for you to sign up for some classes to enrich your lives!

Adults working in the industry, striving for success, are often under immense stress. Hence, it would be a great opportunity for them to have an outlet to release those tensions and enrich their lives with something enjoyable as well!

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An Oil Portrait Painting done by our Private Class Student!

Still Life Sketching work by our student!

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Acrylic Landscape Painting by our Student!

Join us on our Life Drawing Sessions to learn more about human anatomy!

It is common for many adults to not be able to pursue a career related to the interests they had as children due to many personal and environmental reasons. After years of hard work, there is now sufficient time and money for them to pamper themselves and explore their own hobbies and interests. When it comes to enrichment classes for adults, art classes are a great choice! Immerse yourself in the calming studio environment, with a brush at hand, let your imagination go and showcase your creativity through the canvases. It is a chance for you to reconnect with your past self, rediscover the simple joy of creating a work.

Even if you have zero experience in art, do not fret! Our teachers will provide guidance from the ground up from the foundational works to the more advanced techniques, you will be learning the basics of drawing alongside the various theories and techniques required to create a good work within a short period of time. You can look forward to achieving the confidence needed to create beautiful pieces on your own! The adult classes are suitable for all, from those with existing training, those looking to pick up a new hobby, to those looking for in-depth learning. Our teachers will design a curriculum suitable for you based on your existing skills and knowledge, allowing you to improve effectively.

After you have firmly grasped your foundation in the medium, you can look forward to creating portraits of your loved ones; favourite landscapes and sceneries to decorate your homes with; memories from your trips and even be able to sketch down the moment to make it more memorable than snapping a simple photograph. 

Visual Arts Centre is organising Drawing and Sketching/Urban Landscape Sketching, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour Painting, Chinese Ink Painting, Life Drawing and Figure Drawing. All of which are suitable for students with different levels of proficiency.

Adult art classes have no age limit, as long as you have the desire to learn, take the chance to sign up now!

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