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Virtual Team Building Art Jamming 线上艺术团队建设

Virtual Team Building Art Jamming 线上艺术团队建设

The team at Visual Arts Centre is a group of dedicated team building specialists! Having serve more than 9,000 satisfied clients through an extensive events and project management for over 7 years! Our specialty is in providing unique and customised team building solutions to bond your teams!

Our team hard at work during one of our exciting art jamming session

Be creative and adventurous with us as you celebrate, rejoice and grow with your team with Virtual Team Building Art Jamming and other Virtual Team Building Workshops here at Visual Arts Centre! Join us for our greatly celebrated Virtual Team Building Workshops that not only guarantees to forge a strong camaraderie between your team-mates.

Employees around the world are suddenly working from home full-time. Find out how to make this new reality work for your organization, whether it will last beyond the pandemic, and where it might take us. Visual Arts Centre will present a unique Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding experience for your company’s employees, for a boost of creativity and unity, so as to work more efficiently.

Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding – Colourful and vibrant art sessions with acrylic painting!

Creative virtual art jamming is able to create astonishing scenes and allow an expression of feelings. Engage us to tailor a Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding session with acrylic painting for your teammates as a fun and engaging activity to do together! Also, you get to keep your beautiful artworks to decorate your home office after the session! We’ll provide the option of art materials pack delivery right to your doorstep.

Why join Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding?

  • Step-by-step guidances to pick up basic techniques to finish painting on your own.
  • Suitable for participants of all level!
  • Gain a foundation and appreciation to acrylic painting.
  • Various themes and topics are available: landscape, floral, portrait, animals, abstract painting.
  • Art materials: 30x30cm canvas, set of brushes, palette, set of acrylic paints.

Virtual Chinese Painting Team Bonding – A therapeutic touch of traditional art!

With its therapeutic nature, Chinese Ink Painting is a great virtual art jamming team bonding idea. You can learn to paint classical subjects of your choice – chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids, plum blossoms.

Our art instructor showing demosation on Zoom LIVE

Why joining VAC’s Chinese Ink Painting Team Bonding session? 

  • Learn basic techniques and practices of Chinese Ink Painting
  • Acquire skills to finish your own wonderful work!
  • Understanding Chinese art meanings and principles.
  • Learn to paint classical subjects of your choice – chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids, plum blossoms.
  • Art materials: Rice paper, Mounted Fan Painting material, Natural fine bristle Chinese brush, Plates, Chinese ink and pigment(s)

Virtual Landscape Sketching Team Bonding – Sketch your favorite Singapore’s iconic street scene!

Is there a Singapore’s corner that you love and would like to capture a still moment of it with drawing? You can organise your own landscape sketching with your team, both INDOOR and OUTDOOR!

Choose your favourite outdoor scene and our instructor and guide you through steps to compose the exact scene and finish it in your own style!

Why joining Landscape Sketching Team Bonding Session at Visual Arts Centre?

  • Learn perception scaling to compose proportionally accurate landscape scene just by looking!
  • Acquire sketching and lining techniques to do landscape line art on your own!
  • Suitable for participants of any level.
  • Capture the vibrant Singapore scene in your own art style.
  • Art materials: Paper, Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), Eraser, Line Pen.

What do we provide for Virtural Creative Team Building (Team Building Art Jamming)?

  1. We provide many mediums for you to choose from – mainly acrylic painting, mixed media, watercolor or other preferred mediums!
  2. We provide all materials for the art jamming workshops so you don’t have to fret over what to purchase to make this team building art jamming a success. Materials provided are as such: Paint brushes, paint, aprons, different sizes of canvases to suit your company’s need and also some light refreshments consisting of biscuits and water
  3. Customizable art jamming workshops – Choose a theme you want!
    Let us know what you would want the paintings to be! We are able to customize the whole workshop to tailor to your company’s mission statement, values or even goals for the coming years to make this workshop more meaningful and individualized to your company. Just let us know which area to focus on and your company will be on your way to painting a beautiful mural painting as a team that can be framed and hung in your office for all to see.
  4. We respond quickly to your request so that we are able to plan the perfect Team Building Workshop for you. Just contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at for more information.

Duration: 2 hours

Zoom Art Jamming Team Bonding session from just $35/pax with optinal door-to-door art kit deliver! Enquire now at (+65) 62550711 or email

Visual Arts Centre will present a unique & wonderful Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding experience till end of 2020. 

Our art facilitator will facilitate REMOTELY the event for them to discuss, share ideas to complete the paintings. At the end of the session, we will hold a short debrief and peer review session to allow participants to share their experience on Virtual Team Bonding Experience as well as to talk about their art. This will definitely help to inspire your teams’ creativity and you also help in getting to know your team mates virtually!

Come and Join us: 

Contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email for more information and quotation of the your outdoor adventures team building workshops today!