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Creative Illustration Drawing & Conceptualisation Workshop

Creative Illustration Drawing & Conceptualisation Workshop

Creative Illustration Drawing & Conceptualisation Workshop

[11 March 2023, Saturday] 

Creative Illustration Drawing & Conceptualisation Workshop

Why Creative Illustration Skill is important to you?

Learn Creative Illustration Drawing Conceptualisation !

What is Creative Illustration Drawing and Conceptualisation?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2023, Illustration is a picture or diagram that helps make something clear or attractive.  


Creative Illustration Drawing and Conceptualisation is about developing and share your unique ideas and thoughts through illustrations like picture or diagram.


The picture or diagram can appear in the visual forms of photographs / painting / drawing / graph / flowcharts . 


Read more below on how creative illustrations skill would help you!


Why Creative Illustration Skill is important?

1) Express Your Idea /Message In a Simple Way! 

  • By simplifying your idea into creative visual information like flowcharts/ simple sketch of lines and graphics form, it is easier for those with low attention span and hearing problem to catch what you are trying to share.
Chineasy Everyday: Learning Chinese Through Its Culture - water and fire

Image from Chineasy Everyday: Learning Chinese Through Its Culture – water and fire

2) Develop your imagination idea into reality! 

  • By penning down your thoughts of different elements and subjects like people, nature and objects, you could share your ideas and perspectives with others. You may even find like-minded individuals help to develop them into video games or market them to the world!

3) Help in Your Career Development! 

  • No matter if you would like to be a(n) engineer/ scientist/ teacher /designer /artist/translator or else,  creative illustrations will help your students to put on creative thinking cap or train your subordinates to understand complicated concepts & the next right actions. This would indirectly ensure workflow runs smoothly and you may focus on solving other urgent tasks. Even if you wish to switch careers to be a translator, an illustration of a foreign language would help you to understand and master the language quickly!

4) Increase Your Brand Awareness

  • Creative illustration would solidify your brand position and stand out among your competitors. As paid advertisements are everywhere, but the brand that could appeal to their target audience through visual perception would definitely attract more loyal customers and ensure business sustainability. Just like McDonald’s case study below, golden arch of ‘M’ is relatable to everyone in different settings.
McDonald's ads

Image from Boredpanda –   McDonald’s ads 

What is happening during the workshop?

Student will be involved in exploring creatively in quick sketching and doing unique illustration styles which they will learn and understand the approaches and methods to deliver aesthetically artistic drawing and painting!

At the beginning of this workshop, students will learn to brainstorm, conceptualise and use their creative ideas to put together a mood board and learn to draft their own art compositions.

Later,  with an option of creative tools and mediums such as digital art (ipad/wacom), or drawing with pencils, colouring pencils, markers and watercolour, or mixed medium,  student will start to work on their art pieces.

Thereafter, students will discuss and appreciate methods of art rendering using a combination of techniques or mediums, or attempting to develop one’s own art style in creating a piece of art

Lastly, student to take up the role as an artist where they will reflect and be able to ask questions as one.  Using these questions, students to think more deeply about their artwork and source of inspiration.

Finally they will complete an artwork by the end of the session, which could be in any size!

Limited slots, Scroll below to register!

Workshop & Event Details

Creative Illustration Drawing & Conceptualisation Workshop

Date & Time: 11th March 2023 (Saturday), 2pm to 5pm

Fees: $140 Nett Price (Materials included)

Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04 AZ@Paya Lebar Building, S(409015)

 This workshop is suitable for anyone from youth, teenagers above 10 years old to even adults. Students preparing for creative portfolio artworks submission of DSA / Diploma / Tertiary level are encouraged to join. 

For registration or any enquiries, please contact 6255 0711 / 67332155 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Registration & Fees

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Location Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery
Only valid on workshop date and schedule stated

No refunds is provided. A one to one replacement is allowed, following the original registrant’s course validity 


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