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Lanting Art Society 36th Anniversary Exhibition


兰亭画会将于 12 月 7 日至 10 日假新加坡视觉艺术中心举行“兰亭画会 36 周年美展”, 并于 12 月 7 日下午 7 时邀请朱添寿先生主持开幕仪式。

兰亭画会至 1987 年成立以来,每隔两年会举办会员作品双年展,旨在普及美术,促进 美术交流,籍以发扬艺术,同时也让会员展示各自的作品。

这次展出共有 15 位会员大约 45 件的作品,包括书法、中西画等媒介,都是会员通过 平时不断实践、努力研究而创作出自己的作品,表现出不同的风格与思想感情。

展览的作品有小品和较大幅,小品是指尺幅较小笔墨简练的作品,却情趣盎然、淳朴 给人以美的精神享受。另较大幅作品能在大的空间发挥创造不同的意境,在视觉感官 上让人觉得更留下深刻的印象,清晰的表达出作者的创作意愿。

Lanting Art Society will be holding the “36th Lanting Art Society Annual exhibition” from 7th Dec till 10th Dec 2023 at Visual Arts Centre (VAC). Guest of Honour Mr. Choo Thiam Siew will officiate the exhibition opening on 7th December 2023 at 7pm.

Established on 1987, the society aims at supporting and promoting the local arts scene. Since then, annual exhibitions were held every two years to serve as a platform to encourage members of the society to interact and actively showcase their artworks to the public.

For the upcoming exhibition, 15 members will be showcasing about 45 artworks, consisting of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paintings, Western oil paintings, mixed media etc. in different dimensions. Viewers will be treated to a visual treat, having the chance to go up-close in person to see and immerse themselves in artistic creations that centered around the aesthetic world and feelings of the participating artists.

Visual arts Centre
廖伟业 Leow Wee Giap 瞑食自重 In peace & Respect 集锦摄影 Composite Photography 23.57 x 42 cm
Visual arts Centre
黄 铃 Wee Leng Reflections of Life series (1) Chinese Ink Painting 45.5 x 70cm
Visual arts Centre
周德信Chiew Teck Seng 幸 存 者 Survivor 木炭 + 混合材料 Charcoal + Mixed medium 45cm x 43cm

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Exhibition opening: 

Exhibition dates:


Visual Arts Centre (VAC)

10 Penang Rd #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green S(238469)

7th Dec 2023 at 7pm.

8th Dec till 10th Dec 2023

Daily from 11am to 8pm

Venue: Visual Arts Centre (VAC)

Address: 10 Penang Rd #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green S(238469)

Exhibition Opening: 7th Dec 2023 at 7pm

Exhibition Dates: 8th Dec till 10th Dec 2023

Time: Daily from 11am to 8pm

10 Penang Rd #01-02, Dhoby Ghaut Green S(238469)

开幕日期:12 月 7 日下午 7 时
展览日期:12 月 8 日至 10 日
展览时间:每日上午 11 时至下午 8 时

Admission is free! All are welcome!