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1kg Challenge Design Showcase


Additive manufacturing technologies, also known as 3D printing (3DP) is a diverse set of technologies where products are created by building layers of material on top of one another until a complete 3D object is formed.

In 2019, a community of interior designers of 8 major Japanese auto brands came together as JAID (Japan Automotive Interior Designers) and demonstrated the potentialities of ideas, creativities and 3DP technologies. As the cost of automotive materials is often expressed n terms of “unit price per kg”, JAID was challenged to create value within a 1-kilogram constraint.

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly crucial with climate change being the crisis of our time. It is no longer about having aesthetically pleasing designs but as designers we have a responsibility in ensuring that our design makes the environment a better place, both directly and indirectly.

The 1kg Challenge will display 3D-printed finalist models from the 1kg Challenge Singapore, a public challenge to develop a 1kg 3D-printable sustainable design model and feature winning models from the 1kg Challenge Japan, contributed by the JAID. The challenge and exhibition are jointly organised by the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster of Singapore and ExtraBold Inc.

The exhibition is a community event of the Singapore Design Week. For more information, please visit: 

Exhibtion details

21 Sep to 1 Oct* | 11am – 8pm 

Free Admission
*close at 4pm on 25 Sep