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水彩画 Watercolour Painting



收费标准:12堂课 (12 sessions) $698.

包括纸笔等全部材料 (Inclusive of Materials)

Interested in picking up watercolour classes in Singapore? Visual Arts Centre is here to equip you with the core techniques and guidance in order for you to start your very own watercolour painting. Through our watercolour class in Singapore, you will learn the basic brushstroke techniques and skills of watercolour painting. This is so that you can paint anything in the future.

Watercolour painting art course in Singapore

In this watercolour painting class in Singapore, our art instructors will be teaching you on how to sketch a draft, then on the watercolour painting techniques. Importance is also placed in the drawing and sketching aspect, as a painting requires a good sketch before it can be painted well. In still-life watercolour painting, you will be guided on how to observe subjects and draw out what you see prior to using watercolour painting.

What you will learn in this Watercolour Painting Class?

In our art studio, you will be able to learn how to paint a wide variety of subjects – from our carefully curated still life set-ups to photographic references of landscapes and sceneries to portraits and nude life figures. If you have a photo of a scenery you took, bring it along to class and our friendly instructor will guide you on how to get started. Nothing is impossible! With our dedicated instructors, you will find yourself acquainted with watercolour soon enough.


Still-life watercolour work done by our student


Watercolour painting rendering from photo reference

Our art instructors will teach you all about the art materials, the paint, brushes and palettes. You will be guided in different brush techniques and strokes in order to achieve your very own watercolour piece. For instance, how to achieve a colour changing gradient-like effect from light to dark / cool to warm colours. Techniques such as dry brushing, wet in wet, wet on dry, bleeding, creating washes, lifting and colour mixing will be also taught throughout the art course.

Another important technique our instructors will be teaching you would be how to troubleshoot. This will eventually come in handy in the future when you are working on your own paintings independently.


Watercolour photo rendering from photo reference

Furthermore, if you are an experienced watercolour painter, you will learn more difficult techniques and explore different effects that can be achieved using watercolour. When learning any art medium, there are always many techniques that can be learnt and improved on. If you have any techniques you’d like to learn, feel free to discuss it with our instructors or studio assistants and they will be more than delighted to assist you in your artistic journey.

With this watercolour painting class in Singapore, you can equipped and learn all these watercolour skills making full use of the knowledge to work on different subjects. Visual Arts Centre’s Art Studio aims to provide you a rejuvenating experience, a therapeutic and uplifting watercolour painting lesson that will leave you feeling refreshed.


Student’s Landscape Watercolour Painting of a View in Jiangnan, China

Visual Arts Centre’s watercolour classes are available in 12, 24, 48 sessions packages.

Watercolour Painting (Click on link to be directed to page) – 12 sessions / 24 sessions / 48 sessions

If you are interested in reading more about our watercolour classes, please view this page: Visual Arts Centre’s Watercolour Art Course

Life Portrait Watercolour Painting

For 24 sessions, you will get an intermediate level of competency in watercolour painting. You will be able to learn more watercolour techniques, and explore a wider variety of subjects. If you have a passion for watercolour and need more help in honing your skills, but isn’t ready to commit for long term, take up this course! The course includes the basic 12 sessions contents (still life drawing and landscape copying), the outdoor landscape watercolour painting and some basic introduction to the portrait drawing. You will find yourself picking up the medium relatively well. This package is also suited for beginners, who might need more time to learn how to use watercolour.


Nude life watercolour painting

For 48 sessions  is suitable for anyone who is keen in learning watercolour seriously. If you like to attain an intermediate to advanced level of competency and is looking to learn watercolour painting for a long term, you should try out this art course. With the largest number of sessions, you will definitely be able to learn more watercolour techniques, tips and tricks. You will also have more time to get yourself acquainted with the medium with the help of our friendly instructor. This course include still life drawing, landscape drawing (both copying and outdoor painting), portrait drawing, life drawing and abstract watercolour painting.


Student completed her cat painting

 At the end of this watercolour course, we hope you’ll learn the right techniques to even create entirely new works of your from. Whether it is from your own composition of a combination of various references or a picture you took of something dear to your heart.


What is the best online art class for learning art, is it even possible to learn art while you are at home? Well, during the circuit breaker and even beyond, Visual Arts Centre presents their signature ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions! Learn Acrylic Painting and take up this fully guided and individually tailored art course, you’ll be amazed at the results of your learning and your accomplished artworks through our detailed art guidance, art demonstration and explanation at every step.


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint professionally and take your enthusiasm to the next level, come on and join us! You’ll embark on a fruitful art journey, learn and accomplish wonderful words of art for your home or office or as a gift to your loved ones.

We’re here to help you learn and enjoy art from the comfort of your home and our fully guided and tailored approach allows you to enjoy and learn with ease and be completely amazed with your final artwork once it’s done at the end of the session(s).

In our studio, you will be able to learn how to paint a wide variety of subjects – from our carefully curated still life set-upslandscapes and sceneriesportraitsflora and fauna and many more! Join us in studio if you would like to master the art of watercolour.


Zoom Live Art Session:

+ High quality, professional art class, workshop style so you can accomplish one artwork in two watercolour sessions

+ 2Hours 15 Mins per session with step by step guidance, art instructor’s live demonstration

+ Learn a range of professional watercolour painting techniques, brush stroke skills and application in each session

+ Complete one painting in each class

+ Clear guidance and explanation, same time live art demonstration by professional art instructor 

+ Suitable for beginners to advanced levels to take up this course as a refresher, suitable for teenagers to adult learners

+ Small class size of 5pax-15pax with feedback and direct tips and personalized instruction and correction on techniques

+ Our Classes are conducted with the academy school approach! Get to learn and build a solid foundation in any mediums of your choice with our Zoom Live Art Sessions.


Student’s painting of their cat

If you are interested in our Professional ZOOM LIVE Watercolour Painting Art Sessions, click here Professional ZOOM LIVE Watercolour Painting webpage to find more information. 

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For 12 sessions, you will get a taste test of how it is like to use watercolour. This would be suitable for those who are not sure if they are into the art form yet. You will be introduced to the basics of watercolour! You will  learn how to sketch and properly use the medium. (ie. still life, copying beautiful watercolour landscape painting etc.)  After this course, you will probably attain a beginner’s level of competency in watercolour painting.