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Calling all overseas students! Do you have a passion for art? Are you adventurous and love to travel and explore different countries?

Visual Arts Centre is here to provide you a unique experience of art and culture in our Overseas Students Art & Cultural Exchange! Let us help you plan a unique trip, a vibrant and enriched art journey!

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Why Singapore?

Safety! Known as one of the safest countries in the world, Singapore is perfect for any student seeking for an art and cultural exchange! Furthermore, Singapore is renowned fro having some of the cleanest streets in the world!

Great views! Known as a country with lots of greenery, feast your eyes as you walk along the streets of Singapore! Seize the opportunity to sketch in your notebook the manicured trees and flowers along the way.

With our numerous art galleries and museums, students will be exposed to the rich History of Singaporean and Southeast Asian Art. Visit the newest National Gallery Singapore! It houses the largest collection of Southeast Asian Art. Learn more about our local art style – Nanyang art! Nanyang art is a traditional art from that focuses on Singaporean local subjects, infused with local flavor and local environments.

Indulge in eating! Treat yourself to delicious local food in our hawker centers, and try out food from different cuisines, derived from different cultures.

While you are enjoying the food, take out your sketchbooks and capture the unique hawker centre scene!

A unique cultural experience | A mixing pot of cultures, Singapore is one for the most unique countries in the world, a cultural mix of people from different places. Influenced by many different cultural practices, indulge in an experience that you cannot find anywhere else!

What can you expect from the trip? Why choose Visual Arts Centre?

Providing Arts & Cultural tours and exchanges since 2016,  equipped with an extensive experience in art teaching and management, Visual Arts Centre will help you to plan a trip that would be fruitful and fun!

Our art instructors will be guiding students on basic oil painting techniques and materials. Basic drawing and sketching techniques such as analyzing form and composition will also be taught. Students will have the chance to get an informative session of learning how to use such materials.

At the end of the trip, you will be able to go home with more knowledge on painting, and bring home with you your completed work, together with a Certificate of Achievement! More than that, you will bring home with you a unique art and cultural experience!

How can I sign up?

To register yourself and your friends for this tour, form a group of 20-30pax, students require to be minimum 10 years old. Each group requires at least 2 accompanying adults.

What does the tour include?

The tour package includes all entrance fees to the relevant Museums (i.e. National Gallery), Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, Gardens by the Bay and any other relevant attractions. It also includes transportation fees, lodging and food, lessons, all art materials and certificates. All students will be receiving a USB drive with photographs of the entire trip.


A Brief Sample Itinerary for 5 days Art and Cultural Immersion in Singapore with VAC

Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre

Day 1:  Students arrive in Singapore in the afternoon or evening, transportation will be arranged. Free and easy during the night – you can explore the hotel’s vicinity.

Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre
Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre

Day 2: After breakfast, VAC Instructors and Facilitators will be leading the group to Gardens by the Bay, where students will learn how to draw and observe their surroundings. And also landscape composition. There will be live specimens of plants, flora and fauna for you to make reference to for your quick sketch. After lunch, we will be visiting National Gallery. National Gallery houses the largest collection of Southeast Asian art. Students will learn about National Gallery’s historical background with Nanyang painting style and Singapore’s art history. Observe the artworks done by famous local artists. At night, the students will enjoy spectacular 360′ view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands’ viewing deck.

Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre
Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre

Day 3: Students will be brought to Clarke Quay or Amoy Street or Ann Siang Hill for sightseeing, photo taking and sketching. In the afternoon, we will head back to the Visual Arts Centre Art Studio to compose a painting. Guided by the VAC instructors and facilitators, students will get the chance to practice the techniques learnt and students can creatively produce a piece of work. Students will learn how to framing, observation, composition and landscape architecture sketching. On this day, the students will be tasting not one, but multiple Singapore delicacies from Durians, Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab.

Urban sketching 城市速写

Day 4: Students will all gather at Visual Arts Centre – Art Studio and brainstorm to create an artwork. This final artwork is a compilation of the photos and inspirations they have collated over the past few days into a unique work of their own! The students will be guided by the art instructors and assist them into developing their vision creatively. These students can have the freewill and options to choose whichever art mediums they want.

Day 5: We will be exhibiting the artworks produced through the trip in the Visual Arts Centre Art Gallery.  Every student gets to select 2- 3 works, with the Singapore theme – be it street scenes, tropical flora and fauna or any other local subjects. Works can be either drawing and sketching, watercolor, colored pencils or acrylic pieces. With the guidance of the VAC Instructors, the exhibition will be set up and the Instructors will selecting the best pieces, awarding these works with First, Second, and Commendation prizes. 

Afterwards, students will be receiving a certificate of accomplishment and a photo taking session will commence. Students will be able to bring home their works of art.

Upon completing this 5 day educational art-rich tour, the students will safely returned back to their hometown with the knowledge of multiple art history and art techniques.

*Itinerary: should consist 15-20 pax. Students over the age of 10 must be accompanied by at least 2 adults.

*Itinerary: Includes all tourist attraction sightseeing fees: Art Galleries, Museums, Sentosa, Gardens by the bay, Observation Deck, Transportation Fees, All art materials and certificates. 



Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre


Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre
Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre

第二天:新加坡视觉艺术中心的老师带领学生游览新加坡滨海湾花园,学习观察周围的环境的特征,学习取景构图。学习画热带植物和花卉,学生在速写本上完成速写稿。午餐后参观新加坡国家画廊 – 首场最多东南亚艺术的新加坡美术馆。学生们了解美术馆的历史背景,了解新加坡南洋画风的特色和新加坡艺术史,观赏新加坡著名艺术作品。 晚上浏览新加坡著名景点金沙夜景,登上最高的金沙观景台,俯瞰新加坡全貌。

Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre
Overseas Student Exchanges with Visual Arts Centre

第三天: 早上去克拉码头、厦⻔街、安详山或者如切等景点,跟着老师画城市速写,学习取景、观察、构图、画南洋建筑等技巧。午餐带学生们品尝当地特色美食

Urban sketching 城市速写

第四天: 学生们来新加坡视觉艺术中心画室,学生们将两天采集好的写生速写稿、照片和灵感编入一幅自己独特的创作,老师在画室里教导学生们学习创作构图方法和引导学生们发挥创意,自由创作,最后学生独立完成作品。学生可以选择完成丙烯画或水彩或其他媒介的作品。

第五天: 在新加坡艺术中心展出学生们的创作作品,每人2至3幅作品,作品题材要具有新加坡特色,可以是新加坡街景、热带植物、抽象画等新加坡印象作品。参展作品可以是丙烯画、水彩画、铅笔和彩铅画。



观景台⻔票,交通费、 展览、课程、写生和绘画工具、材料、获奖
证书,每个学生会得到一个新加坡全程观光、旅游、展览的资料 U –盘。