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As a parent, one may ask: is art good for my child? Will learning art be beneficial to the brain development of my child? Is kids art class good for pre-school education? We understand that most parents would want their child to build a solid foundation of important skills such as good motor control, or values like discipline and focus. Research has proven that art is indeed helpful in the early development of the human brain. Art can help your child to train their communication skills, spacial awareness, focus, motor skills, patience and so on. Thus, we strongly encourage that you bring your child to take up art lessons, at Visual Arts Centre Singapore!

What is this Kids Art Class about?

Situated just above Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, Singapore Visual Arts Centre conducts Creative Kids Art Class in the lush green field in the city centre. This class will allow your kids to have an amazing experience in creating art, while at the same time training them for essential skills for work and life in the future. Our curriculum is carefully curated to fit the learning needs of children aged 4-11 years old. Do not worry if you think your child might not be able to catch up with the pace of the class! Our teachers will guide them, and approach their learning according to their own pace, creating a very personalised experience for your child. Through this course, your child will be able to unleash endless potential!

Where are you located?

Visual Arts Centre is located in the heart of the Dhoby Ghaut Arts & Heritage precinct, a main tourist destination for experiencing the arts and cultural atmosphere of Singapore. Minutes away from several major art institutions, museums and schools. We are also a stone’s throwaway from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and many bus stops, so it is easy for you to navigate to us. With a garden right outside our studio, your child can also play and have fun in the lush greens before or after their art classes!

All of our teachers are graduates from professional art schools, and have abundant experience of working with kids. We also conduct regular tests for our teachers to make sure that they always stay informed on any new methods of teaching.

In our Creative Kids Art Course, we will train your child on their critical thinking skills and creativity, and give them enough support to boost their morale and confidence. Sign your kids up for our class now! An exciting journey of art awaits!

Suitable for ages: 4-6, 6-8, 8-11.


Lesson structure:

  1. Creative Art: Our teachers will guide your child(ren) to explore art freely. Through careful observation of the shape and form of plants, animals and people, your child(ren) will be taught to capture the form of various objects onto their paper. They can also spice their art piece up using colour pencils, markers, watercolours and so on!
  2. Making of Sculptures in Clay: Learn to model and shape forms in 3D using soft clay. This trains your child on their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as imagination.
  3. Story Book Creating: Your child(ren) will create a story of their own, and visualise them by drawing and colouring the pages they make. They will learn how to show and tell a story, thus building on their communication skills.
  4. Creative Acrylic Painting: Your child(ren) will learn to create an individual painting of their own, such as characters, animals, sceneries and so on.
  5. Life Drawing: Your child(ren) will learn to observe still-life set-ups and sceneries in real life, thus training their observation and expression skills.
  6. Ink Painting: Your child(ren) will learn how to handle a Chinese Ink brush and learn how to draw animals and plants. This will train them for their expression skills as they try out impressionism.
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What do you focus on for each age group in this Kids Art Class?

  1. Ages 4-6: Training of the children’s creativity and imagination. As our teachers tell stories and describe the various elements of nature, kids can use their creativity to doodle out the image they have in mind. The course does not require the kids to be accurate in their form, but rather trains their idea generation.
  2. Ages 6-8: Trains on the kids’ expression. In this course, kids can recreate sceneries, animals and plants through getting their hands on clay sculpting, followed by drawing it down on a piece of paper. They will also be asked to create a story of their own and tell it to the class, thus training their hands-on skills, mind and communication skills.
  3. Ages 8-11: Focuses on the observation skills of the kids. Your child(ren) will observe the life that is around them, and express them correctly onto their paper. They will also utilise mediums such as acrylic and watercolour to complete their art piece. It will also train them for their patience, and build good foundation for professional art careers in the future.
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TUE    3.30pm – 5pm  |   4:30pm-6pm

SUN   11.15am – 12.45pm

Visual Arts Centre 

#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Rd, Singapore 238469 (Dhoby Ghaut Exit B, left turn)

Hotline:+65 6255 0711