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自助绘画(Art Jamming)是一种无拘无束、轻松随意的创作方式,不要求作品是严谨完美的画作,而是透过每个人对艺术的热忱、灵感、对事物和色彩的理解 创作出属于自己的作品,是一个寻找自我的体验。

都市生活紧张,为了舒缓压力,有人运动、逛街;有人大吃大喝;有人唱歌,现在有了新的选择,Art Jamming 自助绘画活动,这是一个新的体验。



如果你从未画过画,但非常喜欢绘画,你可以来参加自助绘画课;如果你有灵感有想画的冲动,可家里没材料,可以参加Art Jamming .如果你正在为家里装饰发愁,想用画来装饰家,你可以来参加自助绘画课,画一张适合的你家墙壁尺寸的作品带回家,一定超有成就感;如果为庆祝生日想新花样,约一群小伙伴来一个别出心裁的艺术Party ,一定让你难以忘怀。

Art Jamming – A New Experience In The City

A brand new experience to ease your everyday stress.



What is Art Jamming?

Art Jamming is a carefree, relaxed and creative way to express oneself. All you need is passion, creativity and that spark. No experience, no background in art and you can create a masterpiece of your own. Unlike regular Art Classes, there is no need for perfection. Just let your imagination run wild – use whatever colors you’d like, whatever tools and you’ve got yourself a new masterpiece and an unforgettable experience.



Why should you try it?

In a city like Singapore, everything is fast paced and we usually find ourselves stressed-out; over work, school or just life in general. In order to ease our stress, some of use choose to visit that new gym across the street, go shopping online or in town and some of us pig-out at our favorite restaurants. Now, there is a new experience – Art Jamming, an introspective, stress-free and fresh new experience waiting for you to explore.

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This is for those of you who:

Have no experience in art but would love to create an art piece of your own.

Have that sudden spark of inspiration but lack the supplies at home to satisfy that creative itch.

Or simply want a painting you could hang up on your wall to welcome your guests at your next dinner party.

Whether it is to celebrate a birthday party, your next anniversary or to create an unforgettable experience for you and your closest friends, Art Jamming is the next new activity for you



Art Jamming With Visual Arts Centre:

With every other Art Jamming Studios in Singapore, you’ll find yourself getting stuck along the way, or even embarrassed to start painting especially when you have no idea what’s going on.

At Visual Arts Centre, your Art Jamming experience with us is a guided one. Therefore, do not worry about making a mess or losing inspiration when you start to get stuck on your piece. Our friendly Studio Assistants will be here to guide you as and when you need!



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