Chinese Ink Painting Art Classes 专业水墨画课程

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Students will be introduced to learn the techniques, materials and skills required in practicing Chinese Ink Painting. The art form itself is tricky to master – the brushstrokes and the way to maneuver ink and water. With this art course, students will be able to pick up techniques required and paint their own favored subjects. Compositional skills, brushworks, techniques and material introduction would be imparted to you along the way.


Our Chinese Ink Painting course provides art instruction and guidance from a foundational level. This is to bridge any previous knowledge, and to better guide complete beginners through a step-by-step approach.

Who Should Learn Chinese Ink Painting?

Perhaps you’ve tried oil painting, or even acrylic painting, but just a disclaimer: ink painting is nothing like those. Ink painting is more similar to watercolour, and the key to it lies in the poetic feeling it is meant to achieve. The ratio between water and ink is what’s most important here. For those who have not tried this art form, do not hesitate to give it a try – it will open your eyes to a whole new world of creative expression!

Chinese Ink Painting is different from other forms of painting. It relies on the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the subjects and using limited inks and colours to portray it on to a painting. The aesthetic principles of Chinese Ink Painting relies heavily on the spirit of the subject, not the likeness of forms.

Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Class
Adults Chinese Ink Painting class will involve imparting brushwork skills – how to manipulate ink and brush. Students will be able to learn how to create different brushstrokes and with that, create rhythm into their works to depict their subjects. Each Chinese Ink Painting course includes 12 sessions, with all materials provided. Students will be able to look forward to using materials such as the Chinese ink, brushes, rice paper amongst many others!
Chinese Ink Painting is a representation of Chinese Art. Basic Chinese ink painting features the water and ink, black and white. Delving deeper into the Chinese Ink Art, there is the meticulous paintings of flowers like peonies and birds, with its vibrant colours, are also known as Chinese Ink Painting. The features of Chinese Ink painting are realistic representation close subjects,  abstraction of distant subjects, subtle colors and a rich artistic conception.
With a brush loaded with ink and water, compose your Chinese ink paintings on rice paper. Chinese ink painting involves blending and tactful composition, expressing the essence and spiritual elements of  the subjects.
This art course is suitable for anyone with a passion for Art or specifically, Chinese Ink Painting. Suitable for students aged 11 and up and adults.
Lesson objectives: Chinese Ink Painting basics and techniques as well as Chinese Ink Calligraphy.
Students will get to learn how to paint various subjects found in nature such as flowers, birds, fishes, to elements of landscapes like mountains, clouds and rivers and popular Chinese Ink Painting subjects like plum blossoms, bamboo and chrysanthemums, all while learning the techniques of Chinese Ink Painting.
Lesson timings: Every Friday Afternoon 3pm – 5.15pm
Early bird price: $520nett/pax only!
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Course fees: $560/12 sessions, each session lasts for 2h 15mins.
课程时间:每星期五下午3pm – 5.15pm
收费: $560/十二堂课, 每堂2h 15min。
包括 所有材料笔,墨,中国画颜料和宣纸。

**The fees for the course includes – ALL MATERIALS!**


Kids Chinese Ink Painting Class Outline:

This course is suitable for children between the ages of 6-11 years old.

Kids Chinese Ink Painting class offers children an experience to:

  1. Learn Chinese Ink Painting involves learning calligraphy, the basic knowledge and techniques of ink painting. The proper brush handling techniques, observing subject matters and capturing the details of the subjects will also be taught. Kids can look forward to learn compositional techniques through learning the popular and basic subjects such as plum blossoms, bamboo and chrysanthemums.
  2. The Modern Chinese ink painting will also be introduced. Through painting still life observations of still life compositions of fruits and vegetables, kids will be able to learn the nuances in handling the brush, ink and water.

Chinese ink painting is filled with a rich history and is part of the Chinese traditions. Learning the brush handling techniques, learning how to spontaneously craft a piece of work, students will be able to produce works that are life-like and representational.

Let your child experience learning Chinese ink painting! Not only will your child be able to learn basic techniques and skills of the art form, the art course will instill in them an interest in Art – learn how to observe, have a better aesthetic sensibilities, creativity and thinking, amongst many others. Staying in touch with traditional Chinese roots, its rich history, cultural influences can allow them to understand and appreciate Chinese Ink Painting and its traditions.

Lesson Timings: Every Friday Afternoon 1- 2.30pm

Every Sunday Afternoons 3.30pm -5pm

Course Fees: $480/12 sessions each session 1h 30mins

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时间:每星期五下午 – 2.30pm
            每星期日下午 3.30pm -5pm
包括 所有材料笔,墨,中国画颜料和宣纸。
收费:$480/十二堂课 每堂课90分钟。

**The fees for the course includes – ALL MATERIALS!**


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Course description:

12 Sessions Chinese Ink Painting Course


Every Friday: 1pm-2.30pm

Every Sunday: 10am – 11.30am, 11.30am – 1pm


Every Friday: 3pm – 5.15pm




Every Friday - Sunday, from 19 April 2019 - 1 March 2028


Every Friday: 3pm - 5.15pm

Number of Sessions:

12 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 520


Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated.

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