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Most parents agree that art has great influences and benefits to the development of children, however it may seem difficult to introduce the idea of something as abstract as art to children and even more so getting them to enjoy art. Parents who do not have an artistic background might also find it hard to introduce a topic they are not well versed in, however it is essential that children get to experiment with their creativity and learning to appreciate art invokes deeper critical thinking and brain development. After all art is for everyone to enjoy and through teaching your child about art, perhaps you yourself may discover a long sleeping interest.

Here are some easy recommendations and ways to introduce your child to the vibrant world of art!

1.Remove Pressure of  Creating “Good” Art

Art is a window into how others see the world. We don’t have to agree with it, but we can learn to appreciate a different point of view and a different perspective”

Art should not be introduced as something that is graded and harshly critiqued, introduce art as recreation rather than an education  assessment. We often think that only people that are good at art should create art because that was the way we were brought up. However anyone and everyone should be allowed to enjoy creating art regardless of skill. Allow your children freely explore their artistic journey, do not grade or test them but instead help them to appreciate the process.

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2. Listing Learning/Exploration Goals

Plan your art exploration journeys using lists! For example, if you decide to explore famous historical painters with your child, make a list of historical painters. 4 or 12 is a good number since each month has 4 weeks and each year has 12 months so you can pick out some topics and spread them out weekly or monthly! This gives you a overall plan of what to introduce to your children and when you have finished a list you can really see how much your child has learnt and explored!

3. Art Encyclopedias and BooksImage result for kids parent learning

Take your kids to a library or book store, pick out some art books! Preferably those with a lot of pictures! It is okay if the book appears too difficult because the more the child does not know yet, the more the child will want to explore, many times we underestimate the learning capabilities of children. Art History books are great place to start, they are enriching and there is much to discuss and talk about!

4. Introduce Art in your Home

Home is a great place to inspire the little ones since it is where they spend a lot of their time. Having some postcards, pictures or actual paintings and other artworks in your home can encourage your children to appreciate art more since they are surrounded by art. Talk about these pieces of art in your home and discuss about them.

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5. Multimedia Sources

We live in an exciting modern age of technology and internet, these can be utilised to enhance the artistic development of our little ones. Apart from just books and still media, show your children videos or movies about art,  it can be documentaries, tutorials, interviews, vlogs, etc. Seeing things develop though movement and hearing sounds enriches and art learning experience.

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6.Art Field Trips and Travels

Bring you kids to places of interest with art! It can be art museums, beautiful historical monuments with elaborate architecture, performances public art exhibitions and installations. Show your kids how art is used in everyday life, such as advertisements and packaging designs. This gives the kids a wider perspective of how art affects the world.

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7. Actually make Art!

Lastly, the best way to enjoy art is of course to make it! Join art classes, go for art jamming, sign up for craft workshops! Creating art yourself is the best way to stimulate the artistic mind, remember it is not how good the child’s art is but how much they learnt and enjoyed themselves. Art is supposed to be therapeutic and enriching!



Looking for activities to join during the June Holidays? Visual Arts Centre has 2 Kids Camps planned!

1)Character Conceptualization Art Camp

2)Multimedia Drawing and Painting Art Exploration Camp