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Fever For Pop Art at Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery – A Must-Stop for SAW At Dhoby Ghaut Sunday, 14 Jan 2018, Visual Arts Centre For Singapore Art Week – Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery runs two important exhibitions, presenting a Pop Art exhibition – INSTANT FAME by seven artists: Billy Ma, Stefanie Hauger, Leo Liu Xuanqi, Andre Tan, Justin Lee, Iskander Walen, and TR853-1 (Traceone) from 17-22 January, and a solo exhibition – The Beauty of the Lotus and Landscape by established Chinese migrant artist Fan Shao Hua from 24-29 January. In INSTANT FAME, seven prolific Pop Art artists convey their reflections of modern life and pop culture through their art. Delving into our ever-increasing obsession with celebrity, money, branded goods, popular culture, and global consumerism gone wild, the artists have created their own iconic representations and styles. Andre Tan’s bold appropriation of pop culture images, Hauger’s provocative social commentary, Ma’s advertisement-like poster design of art, Leo Liu and Iskander Walen’s wildly colourful, ironic and playful art, TR853-1’s ingenious portrayal of hidden messages contained in his work, and Justin Lee’s double happiness are already well-known and appreciated by pop and modern art lovers locally and globally. Do not miss this show which opens daily from 11am to 8pm from 17 to 22 January.

Fever For Pop Art at Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery

The Beauty of the Lotus and Landscape by Fan Shao Hua starts from 24-29 January, and features the artist’s recent oil paintings. Versatile in both the Chinese Ink Painting amd Western Oil Painting, Fan Shao Hua conveys a signature style across his themes. His work embodies both the Eastern and Western styles. Unlike the thick textures and appearance of oil painting, his work carries an atmospheric lightness and a deeply poetic mood that captivates the senses. Originally from China, Fan Shao Hua has made Singapore his home since 1992. An artist to look out for and surely an artist familiar to seasoned art collectors, Fan Shao Hua’s art has doubled in price from 2002 to 2008, and since 2008 has maintained a stable increase in price until today. The Beauty of the Lotus and Landscape by Fan Shao Hua opens daily from 11am to 7pm at Visual Arts Centre from 24-29 January. With two exciting exhibitions lined up for the SAW this year, visit Visual Arts Centre at Dhoby Ghaut, while you may then continue to tour other art spaces around the Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Brasah and Civic districts. If you have yet to visit this space, Visual Arts Centre is a beautiful glasshouse Exhibition Gallery and Studio located at Dhoby Ghaut Green, just above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT. (Exit B – left turn)

Visual Art Centre at Dhoby Ghaut

So here’s another tip! As the SAW stretches from 17-28 January, not all the art exhibitions and programmes may be available during the entire period! Hence, plan your art visits according to the calendar of certain events and shows you would like to catch, and your journey could also be more efficient by foot and public transportation! Dhoby Ghaut and Bras Brasah makes up the Arts and Heritage district in Singapore, and all the venues within Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Brasah/City Hall/Bugis are walkable within several minutes to about twenty minutes on foot. A good suggestion would be to spend half a day to a full day on foot or bus to cover all the Singapore Art Week spots, starting from the Dhoby Ghaut to Brash Brasah, Civic and Bugis precincts. You can begin your journey by alighting at the Dhoby Ghaut MRT to visit Visual Arts Centre as your first stop, then you can take a short six minute walk towards the National Museum, or the Singapore Art Museum at 8Q (Queen Street). Then head to the Waterloo Street and then southwards to Hill Street (MICA), and definitely plan a longer visit to the National Gallery which has the largest South East Asian art collection in the world! Of course, the marquee event of SAW is Art Stage Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (Basement One), and one should plan at least three hours to half a day to tour the entire fair. And if you can, definitely catch the Art After Dark event at Gilman Barracks on 26 January. Lastly, take note of two special dates to meet with the artists and rub shoulders with fellow art lovers and collectors. INSTANT FAME opens on 17 January from 7pm, and The Beauty of the Lotus and Landscape opens on 26 January from 7pm with an artist demonstration. For those who require more information about the exhibitions, please contact Visual Arts Centre at 6255 0711/email [email protected] Address: Visual Arts Centre, 10 Penang Road, Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469 (Just above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Exit B, turn two lefts and walk 30 metres) Website: Email:  [email protected] Phone: +65 6255 0711/ +65 6733 2155