Visual Arts Centre

Have an interest in Drawing and Sketching, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting or Watercolour Painting?

Why not come on down to Visual Arts Centre today and let us help you kickstart your artistic journey!

Ever since its establishment in 2016, Visual Arts Centre Art Studio has been a popular choice for many come to learn and improve their skills. Through the professional and academic approach of the instructors here at Visual Arts Centre, many students, be it beginners or seasoned artists, have seen huge improvements in their skills and techniques.

Keeping in mind that different people learn art for different reasons, we tailor our lessons to the individual, helping them achieve their various end goals. We have an academic and professional curriculum planned out for our students according to their calibre.                               

We have accommodated many students, ranging from students who are preparing their portfolio to get enrolled in the art school of their choice to the older groups of people who want to pick up a hobby and learn a life skill. There are even people With mere 12-24 sessions with us, many novice have learnt many sketching and painting techniques and are now proud to call their paintings their own.

Visual Arts Centre has a many art lessons lined up throughout the week and is definitely able to accommodate your schedule. The studio also provides all the materials and equipment so students do not have to worry about the large amount of costs incurred should they buy the materials themselves. Most importantly, we provide a spacious and comfortable ambience for you to enjoy and lose yourself in the creation of art.

Here are some information about the range of classes we offer:

12 Sessions Package 

Oil Painting : $880

Acrylic Painting : $698

Drawing and Sketching : $658


12 Sessions Package (valid for 14 weeks)

  • Any Mediums : $ 598

  • Drawing and Sketching : $658

So what are you waiting for? Bring yourself down to Visual Arts Centre today and kick start your colourful journey with us!