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The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a National Exam that is taken during the near end of the sixth year of every primary school student. It is definitely a stressful time as grades are important to move forward into a secondary school. However, as parents we do want to ensure that our children are not completely drained out by studies. So how do we help our children to destress?

Being creative has proven to be of great help when it comes to relieving stress. It allows one to express their emotions when they cannot explain what they are feeling as well as to manage negative emotions such as anxiety, trauma and discomfort. Through this stressful time, we should allow children to freely express themselves in their artistic journey by not grading or testing them but instead helping them to appreciate the process.

Here at Visual Arts Centre, we offer Kids Camp during the holidays and even art courses for your child to develop fine art skills as well as to sharpen their creativity. Having imaginations and being able to express them out in a drawing can be very therapeutic as well as a form of escape from the many stressful day to day tasks.

Drawing and sketching is one of the art courses we provide. What is drawing and sketching? Drawing and sketching is foundational for all visual arts. Systematic training in drawing is not only the first step into the world of art making but it is in fact, much more than that. The practice of drawing is therapeutic in nature and helps also cultivates patience, mental alertness, and perseverance.


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Creative Kids Art Immersion Course

Art Immersion 12 Sessions (Drawing and Sketching/Oil Painting/Acrylic Painting/Watercolour Painting)

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