Visual Arts Centre

Most of us want to learn how to draw, but are always hesitant. Picking up a pencil or paintbrush may seem very intimidating, hence, stepping into an art studio has long become a challenge. Do not fret! If you are interested in picking up drawing and painting skills, Visual Arts Centre is here for you! With our tailor-made art courses, learners will be able to pick up drawing and painting with ease. Through a simple sketching exercise, our Instructors will be able to pick up and understand your level of competency.

Painting Art

From then on, through our tailor-made art immersion courses, you will be able to learn in an effective manner – with our Instructors teaching you on how to make use of your strengths and improving your weaknesses. Through the academic learning and teaching approach, you will learn from the basics to the advanced techniques, step-by-step, with the guidance of our Instructors. In this way, you will also be able to build up a strong foundation in drawing and painting. Our lessons are a condensed form of the academic teaching style of art education, with our Instructors adapting the important parts of the art learning, to allow our learners to more effectively pick up the art of drawing and painting, and master these skills well. After learning how to draw and paint well with our personalised art lessons, creatively express your world on your canvas!

Drawing and Painting