Visual Arts Centre

Art has long been a form of storytelling and expressions as long as history itself. The conscious, or unconscious selection of lines, shapes and symbols are undeniably related to the creative process of meaning-making or storytelling. This latent ability is what makes each of our storytelling so different from one another.

This is particularly interesting for kids, as their exposure to the world is still fairly new. As such, when children engage in their artistic endeavours (drawing and sketching, oil painting, finger painting, calligraphy, ink painting, watercoloring, paper crafts etc), it demonstrates how children can naturally perceive and interpret their environment, feelings and actions. Consistent practice in art not only improves their physical art skills in doing the art, but also increase their consciousness in selecting and expressing icons and imageries, thus improving their creativity in telling the same visual story through different artworks. For this coming June school holidays, why not join the Visual Art Centre studio’s kids art classes and courses to nurture their ability in creative visual storytelling through guidance from our professional and fun instructors and facilitators. Check out our special Art camps, such as the Multi-media drawing and painting kids art exploration camp , where participants will get to learn and experience various drawing and painting techniques and also learn about elements of art such as colours and texture.

This camp would give learners with interest in drawing and painting a unique opportunity to experience these mediums in a fun and engaging way! Participants will also learn to become more independent in their art-making,  and think more creatively. This programme also teaches participants how to make use of materials, to become more resourceful in their future projects.

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~adapted from Susan Wright’s Children, Meaning-making and the Arts