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4 Ways Art Therapy Can Help You De-Stress

As the holidays looms before us, it is the time of the year when we enjoy the fruit of our year’s worth of labour. While the holidays are much sought after, many of us also battle with the dilemma of what to do with this sudden surge of free time. Exploring the different wonders of the world may seem attractive and exciting. However, if you hate the hustle of planning and coordinating your trip, may I suggest art therapy be your no-frills, economical substitute this holidays season.

what is art therapy

1.  The Irony of the Empty Canvas Isn’t it ironic that whenever we come face-to-face with an empty canvas, we always feel so uptight and helpless? Yet, we are repeatedly told that art can be therapeutic at the same time? This self-fulfilling prophecy only happens ONCE we start putting our pencils to work. As you watch the blank canvas gradually filled up with the lead of your pencil, your anxiety starts to ease. Soon, you will find yourself heading into your comfort zone.

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2. Make Your Dreams Come to Life We all have that one time when we stare out of the window of our classroom or workplace and make up stories in our head. There is always another place we want to be, or things we want to try. Then, you are snapped back into reality. Art and painting can often help us fulfill these scenarios into something more tangible. While it may not be real, looking at your work often reminds us how easy our dreams are and can motivate us to push towards our goals.

how art therapy helps to destress

3. (Re)-Create Your Memories You can never experience the joy you had at your best friend’s wedding in the Bahamas or the time when your daughter had Nutella spread all over her face on her first birthday again. While browsing through our faded photo albums can help us relive these memories, they are never enough. Painting these photographs keeps us into the recreation process of these memories and often leave our hearts warm after.

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4. Go Wild or Go Home They say ‘The sky’s the limit’; in fact, there are no limit! Art is certainly a unique medium where you can never dream big enough. It is the form of self-expression that allows one to think freely and be yourselves. Whenever you come across any problems in finishing you work, remind yourself that as long as the finished work represents what you want it to be, it definitely deserves its place on the wall! Therefore, Acquire Painting Skills Look out for paint classes at any paint studio near you! The Visual Arts Centre also provides oil and acrylic painting suitable for all levels. Click here to read more about Oil Painting Click here to read more about Acrylic Painting