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Thank you to all young children and youth artists who have participated in the Visual Arts Centre National Children and Youth Art Competition – Courage, Hope and Love in the time of a pandemic! 

We’ve received a collection of fantastic and original artworks created for the art competition by young artists in Singapore from seven to eighteen years old, across two age groups (7-11 years old – Children Category & 12-18 years old – Youth Category). All the artworks received from both the children and youth groups are original artworks reflective of the individual artist’s unique inspirations and reflections on the theme. As the organiser, we would like to thank all the young art participants for their hard work, dedication and efforts towards the art competition!

Our judges were truly impressed by the dedication and creativity demonstrated in the art submissions, and they have concluded the results after taking a balanced consideration of the judging criteria for the art competition.

We hereby release the art competition results for Visual Arts Centre – National Children and Youth Art Competition 2021 – Courage, Hope and Love in the time of a pandemic!

Congratulations to all prize winners, great job!

Children Category – First, Second and Third Prize Winners


Human Hearts Extended

Louisa Wirawan, 18 years old

2nd Prize 二等奖



Closer Apart

Zhu Jia Yuan, 17 years old

3rd Prize 三等奖



Nicolette Chng, 17 years old

Artistic Excellence 优胜奖


One Singapore

Tansha Surenda, 16 years old



Ruijin An, 14 years old


Let the world Unite together, the world will get better!

Eric Wang, 18 years old

  1. Illuminating Our Tomorrow

    Oh Siang Hwee, 17 years old

    Children Category: 7 to 11 years old 儿童组

    1st Prize 一等奖



Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic Together and Back On Track

Aimee Liao, 11 years old

2nd Prize 二等奖


The Battle for hope

Sun Yibo, 11 years old

3rd Prize 三等奖


Saving Life

Adam Zhang, 11 years old

Artistic Excellence 优胜奖


River Of Life

Chew Rui Xuan Rachel, 11 years old


A New World

Brayden Lee, 11 years old

Picking up “guns” to fight the virus

Wang Yuexi, 8 years old


Fight Covid-19 Together

Chen Yunxi, 10 years old

Courage, Hope and Love in the time of a pandemic

Admission is Open to Public

Instructions to all Prize Winners:

A separate email will be sent out to prize winners, and in it would include information on the Prize Presentation Ceremony and submission of artwork for the Art Exhibition, please refer to the email on instructions to be followed next.

Do refer to the email, and if there are further questions or if you were unable to receive the email, please do contact us at 62550711 via call or WhatsApp!


Art Exhibition & Prize Presentation Ceremony 

Art Exhibition – Courage, Hope and Love in the time of a pandemic (a showcase of award winning entries) 

Date/Time: 3 December – 5 December 2021, 11am-7pm daily

Venue: Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery

Admission: Free for public admission, no RSVP is required

Prize Presentation Ceremony: 3 December 2021, 7pm-9:30pm – private opening event for prize winners and family members only (staggered timings for winners, please refer to email)