Visual Arts Centre

VAC Lunar New Year – Creative Art Competition For Kids & Teens

VAC Lunar New Year – Creative Art Competition For Kids & Teens

Competition Details:

Categories (for Visual Arts Centre’s students):

Cat 1: Ages 5+ to 9 Years Old 

Cat 2: 10 to 13 Years Old 

Cat 3: 14-19 Years Old 

Artwork mediums requirements: 

> Any artwork within a4 to a3 size and format, in any art medium or mixed mediums

> Collage, 3D artworks are allowed, the size of the artwork will be within the height, width and length dimensions of A4 to A3, and maximum (within A3 size: 50cm H X L X W)

> Digital artworks are allowed, however, format shall be in A4 to A3 size (PDF or JPEG file save)

* Video/movie artworks are not allowed 

Topic & Scope:

Students may choose any of the following topics and apply their

 own interpretation as a response to the topic and scope below:

  • As we begin the new year and welcome a fresh new season of spring, what are your hopes and wishes? What are some scenes and subjects of celebrations that you’ll like to recreate in your art? 
  • What and how do you reflect in your personal space and capacity, can you create a piece of art that tells of your reflections of yourself or your environment?
  • What is a scene that you commonly capture – be it in your surroundings or in your imagination of the past, present or future? 
  • What are the items in your bag pack and where do you see them at? 
  • Create an artwork that depicts one or multiple subject(s) in motion, in a space or environment which you are familiar with.


  • Take this opportunity to get creative and to freely and openly create a piece of art which you’ll like to present to your audience
  • Challenge yourself in art competition and challenges and be used to think and brainstorm visually, practise and explore being independent, without “right” or “wrong” in your own thought processes and art journey
  • Take up group brainstorming for students who would like to participate, and freely communicate and help each other – for those who would like to discuss together


Winner of each age category – Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 will be given

Registration details:

Free Registration! Submit your artwork here before 24 Jan 2023, 10pm 

Announcement of winner on 25 Jan, 4pm

Contact us at 6255 0711 or email us at for more details!