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I am sure in this day and age, everyone has definitely heard of the term “Art Jamming”. The term “Art Jamming” is associated with people going to a nice little cafe hidden at an inconspicuous space somewhere in the most ulu place of Singapore. Some might even associate “Art Jamming” with hipsters who like to plug in their earphones while they paint the artwork they have chosen from some really unknown website.

Well, we are here to let you know that art jamming is for everyone! In fact, art jamming should be encouraged, whether you are doing it alone for fun or as a pair with your significant other or even with your team mates from work. There is absolutely no right and no wrong – just all fun and games! However, if you think that art jamming is just someone taking a canvas and painting it with colours after sketching (which is actually exactly what art jamming is), we are here to let you know there are so many different things you can do with your canvas to make the art jamming session so much more interesting! Stay with us till the end while we slowly reveal the different ideas that can make your artwork come alive!

Firstly, let us address some questions about art jamming!

  1. Art Jamming? But I can’t paint at all. I haven’t painted or even touched a brush since primary school…”
    That is why art jamming is so suitable for you because it’s an activity where you are suppose to have fun and relax with your friends and choose the painting you want to emulate. Forget the times when you were in primary school, stressing over the end results and grades of the art piece (and not to mention, having to get on your art teachers good side). Art jamming is an activity where you will not have to care about who appreciates your drawing. As long as you like it, you have successfully achieved the goal of art jamming

  2. “Do I get to take back the art work?”
    Yes, of course the art work is yours to take back! Art Jamming is where you create something of your own and take back a masterpiece you can call your own. You can decorate your room with that or if you did the art jamming with your team mates, you can choose to frame the mural painting nicely and place it somewhere prominent for everyone to be reminded of the fun times.
  3. How long does such art jamming session lasts?”
    Normally, for group or individual art jamming sessions, you will take at least 2 to 2.5h to complete your own painting or a mural painting with your team mates. There is a need for art jamming sessions to have a cut off time (good times eventually come to an end) or you will see yourself being stuck in the studio for many hours, trying to perfect your drawing!
  4. “Will my grandparents or kids be able to join art jamming sessions as well?”
    Of course they will be able to join the art jamming sessions! In fact, we encourage art jamming sessions among different ages. We cannot expect someone to fall in love with art if they are forced to join classes. Art Jamming is a good way to help your kids develop interest in art. It is also an enjoyable activity for the older ones. For all you know, art jamming session might become a regular family activity that everyone enjoys. You might even be surprised to find out that artistic talents run in your family!

Now that we have addressed some misconceptions and queries about art jamming sessions, it is time to reveal some of the most creative and refreshing ways you can go about doing art jamming sessions. If you think that art jamming sessions can only involve plain white canvases and paint brushes, you aren’t wrong but you aren’t exactly right either. Jump right ahead as we introduce to you some fabulous ideas that you can adopt for your next art jamming sessions!

Combination 1 : Fairy Lights/ LED Lights with canvases – Light on canvas to brighten up your room!

For this incredible idea, poke some holes at the place you plan to place your lights at. Remember to bring along some led lights or fairy lights for your art jamming sessions. Such a piece will be great to brighten and liven up your whole room and make your house so much cosier than before!

Combination 2 : Canvas Art and Craft – Cut up your canvas and make you artwork come alive!

Do you happen to have a pattern that you really fancy? Bring it along with you for your next art jamming session and emulate the pattern on the back of the canvas! After which, you can start using a penknife and carve out the pattern at the back of your canvas. Alternatively, you can also bring along some materials such as cloth for your next art jamming session and cut out them into the shapes that you like and paste them on the canvas itself!

Combination 3 : Glitter on Canvas – Sprinkle some fairy dust and make your artwork something magical!

This is probably one of the easiest idea among these combinations. Just remember to bring along your favourite glitter colour for your art jamming session. After choosing and painting the colour of your background, sprinkle the glitter however you want to on the canvas and you will have your masterpiece in no time.

Combination 4 : Pop Up Canvas – Feel the texture on your artwork!

Do you desire for your artwork to stand out from the other participating in the art jamming session? Bring along some elements that you want such as buttons or fake rhinestones for your art jamming session and paste them collectively on your canvases! This idea even brings depth and dimensions to you art work and you will be sure to leave with an artwork that you will keep for years to come after the art jamming session.


Combination 5 : Mixed Media Collage Canvas – Take your trash and make something new!

This last combination is probably one of the most interesting idea. It can even be eco friendly if you want your artwork to advocate that cause. Just be sure to bring along some recycled materials at home e.g newspaper or magazines or bottle caps for your next art jamming session. For this combination, you do not have to just think about painting your canvas. You can paint recycled materials that you brought to the art jamming and paste it on the canvas wherever you think suits the whole collage!

Art Jamming doesn’t have to be oh-so-boring where you only use white canvas and paint brushes! You can look forward to using some of the ideas above to really make your art jamming session a fun filled one! Over here at Visual Arts Centre, we can help you customise your art jamming session, whether it is a company looking to forge bonds by brainstorming about what to paint base on their mission statements or values or just peers.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at [email protected] for more information to customise your own art jamming session today!

You can also check out our website to find out more about the past art jamming session that we have done before!