Intermediate & Advanced Still Life Oil/Acrylic Painting Course 高级油画静物课程 (12 sessions) – AZ @ Paya Lebar Studio

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Intermediate and Advanced Still-Life Oil/Acrylic Painting 12 Sessions course at $820 in Singapore, with all art materials included.

高级油画课程, 12节课 $820 (包括所有绘画材料:油画颜料,画布,画笔等)

Intermediate & Advanced Still Life Oil/Acrylic Painting Course

The Intermediate & Advanced Still Life Oil/Acrylic Painting Course is suitable for art learners with previous oil/acrylic painting foundations. This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced learners allows learners to gain a solid foundation for still-life painting through a structured approach. Advanced art learners will be taught briefly from beginning through life studies of various shapes and sizes of objects. After which, they will then be able to paint complex and odd objects easily.
Art learners who have attended professional oil and acrylic painting courses may join this intermediate and advanced still life oil/painting course. This course is an opportunity for those we are keen in having more practice and understanding of oil and acrylic painting as mediums, for those seeking guidance for self-improvement working on their art.
Intermediate/Advanced Oil Painting course will involve 12 classes. Within these sessions, you will be able to learn:
  1. New painting skills by duplicating masterpieces of complex objects.
  2. How to paint just by looking at normal daily objects around you.
  3. Painting of different subjects (From fruits to Pots)
  4. How to mark-out highlights and shadows (Fabric/Cloth folds, Pottery, Glassware, Flowers)
  5. Painting using palette knife
  6. How to paint Alla Prima (Wet-on-wet)
  7. Impressionism painting
  8. How to prepare your work station (Canvas, Materials and tools required, Glaze)


This Oil/Acrylic Painting Course is suitable for and beneficial for:

  • Experienced artist who are intermediate/advanced in oil/acrylic painting
  • Self-improvement individuals who are keen to receive tips and guidance by an art instructor
  • Individuals who wants to understand how to paint textures

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Course description:

Each session runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Our class schedules are as follows:


Saturday :4:30pm-6:45pm

Call us at or WhatsApp us at 6255 0711 or email us to RSVP your attendance.

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Every Saturday - Sunday, from 3 April 2021 - 31 December 2021


Saturday 4:30pm-6:45pm

Number of Sessions:

12 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 820


AZ @ Paya Lebar VAC Studio 

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated.

All sessions are to be completed within the 14 weeks course validity. Further extension of course validity of up to one month only may be provided with proof of overseas travel, hospitalization/medical certificate. This art course allows a one-to-one replacement of participant, please note that any replacement of participant is final and the original participant has fully transferred his/her lesson credits to the appointed replacement.

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