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Art Jamming Team Building and Art Workshops

Visual Arts Centre is specialised in a series of signature Art Workshops and Art Activity Based Events such as our Team Building Art Jamming, Team Building Chinese Ink Painting, Landscape/Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop, Nude Life Drawing Workshop, Portrait Drawing Workshop, and other art activities for occasions and functions such as Hen’s Night, Birthday Party, Company Appreciation etc.

Let’s introduce you to our Art Workshops at Visual Arts Centre!

新加坡视觉艺术中心是国家公园局支持的艺术教育与培训机构,自2016年1月启动以来,开办专业油画、素描、速写、丙烯画、水彩画等课程。我们开办不同主题的艺术工作坊,为企业团建量身定制艺术培训课程(Team Building Art Jamming),我们导师设计的主题培训课程在起到团队建设的同时带出企业文化和使命。我们开办的人体写生和肖像写生工作坊,针对真人模特现场写生,经专业导师指点,许多学生都很好的掌握了画人物的技巧,提升了造型能力。我们的艺术课程由浅入深,适合不同程度水准的学生学习,初学者、零基础学员在短时间内能学习到专业知识,掌握绘画技能,能独立绘画。绘画基础较高的学生,经过专业导师指点后,水准明显提升。都能进行独立创作和参加画展。


What are the Art Workshops available at Visual Arts Centre?

Signature art workshops: Nude Life Drawing with Artist Guidance Workshop, Portrait Drawing with Artist Guidance Workshop, Landscape Watercolour Painting Workshop, Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop, Chinese Ink Painting Workshop, Therapeutic Art Jamming Workshop, Team Building Art Jamming Workshop.

Regular art workshops run once a month and all are welcomed to enrol online: Nude Life Drawing with Artist Guidance | Portrait Drawing with Artist Guidance, all art materials and model fees are provided for these workshops, at $56 nett/ticket. Please note that Nude Life Drawing is only available for 18 years and above.

If you are thinking of engaging us to customise an art workshop for you, feel free to contact us directly to enquire! We’ll tailor a workshop experience just for you and your group – be it a Birthday Party, Hen’s Night or Company Team Building or Dinner and Dance – incorporate some art to give your audience a memorable experience! We can also cater to various group sizes, with pricing from $35 nett-$75 nett/pax, depending on medium, theme, duration and group size. Call/WhatsApp us at 6255 0711 or drop us a note at [email protected] to enquire today!


1. Nude Life / Portrait Drawing Workshop with artist guidance

Visual Arts Centre organises monthly portrait and nude life workshops. These art workshops involve a life model – unique to our studio. Practicing life drawing with professional guidance, students with no background can learn how to complete a life sketch. At the start of the lesson, our instructors would do a live demonstration, to teach you step-by-step how to complete a nude life or portrait drawing. Students can choose to use pencil, charcoal or watercolor to complete their works. Additionally. these workshops are open to everyone, regardless of art experience.

*Nude Life Drawing Workshops are only opened to people above 18 years old 

Good news for many of the art lovers out there too! We are also having our promotion! For just $220, you will be able enjoy 4 lessons of nude life/ portrait drawing session of your choice.


Nude Life Workshop

Students doing Nude Life drawing

Portrait Workshop Class

Portrait Drawing Session with life model

2. Chinese Ink Painting with artist guidance

If you feel like having a hand in authentic Chinese art, why not try out our new and highly sought after Chinese Ink Painting Workshop! This is a new “Customised” workshop, where instructors will follow your needs and requirements, together with the number of participants, to come up with a personalized workshop. For example, during the Festive Lunar New Year season, we have organized numerous Chinese Ink Calligraphy workshops for our clients. In these workshops, one is able to learn the techniques of Chinese ink painting. As well as how to paint subjects like peonies and plum blossoms, or the art of Chinese ink scroll calligraphy.

These workshops allow our clients to bond as a company, bringing colleagues closer together during the festive season. At the end of the day, our proud participants would be able to bring home their works to welcome the New Year. Similarly, we have held workshops for team bonding purposes.

In these workshops, we tailor-make your experience by understanding our clients’ company’s goals and visions and help you foster a sense of camaraderie between colleagues. From individual canvases, the works are brought together to form large murals, suitable to bring back to the office and hang at the front door, serving as a constant reminder of the company’s goals and visions. Furthermore, these workshops have brought together colleagues and helped to foster a sense of teamwork between unique individuals – a perfect idea for a team bonding activity.

视觉艺术中心还承办”量身定做“ 工作坊,导师根据学员要求和学员人数,量身定做个性化的工作坊。例如:有些企业在华人新年来临之际定做水墨绘画工作坊,写春联、画梅花、画牡丹,企业员工们兴高采烈地弄墨挥毫,高高兴兴把作品带回家 迎接新春。有些企业为了企业团队建设,量身定制艺术课程,大家一起完成一幅大型壁画,壁画主题可以反映企业的文化和使命,同时也提升员工团结,相互合作的默契程度,趣味的艺术课程变成了企业团建的好点子。

A wonderful evening of Chinese ink painting and wine appreciation! 品着酒、欣赏着画,趣味无穷!

Chinese Ink Painting Workshop 大家一起完成水墨扇面,多好玩!

3. Creative Art Jamming Session

As mentioned under our team building workshop options, you can choose to bond with your team mates with those activities. However, art jamming is not just for team bonding. Instead, you can opt for a creative art jamming session where it will just be a chill and relaxing activity. In this art jamming workshop, we will provide each individual with their very own canvas, usually a tile canvas of 30 cm by 30cm. The activity aims to allow each and every one of the participants to paint anything they feel like painting.

Each person painting their very own masterpiece!

3. Other Art Workshops

If your company or friends are not up for the traditional and normal art workshops, may we suggest for you to try out our “other art workshops” where we plan out the unconventional art workshops e.g making different models with air clay, watercolour painting session, seal carving and also terrarium making workshops! These art workshops are very popular with many of the companies that are looking to have fun but also looking for something that allow them to learn a new skill.

Batik Painting Workshop

Chinese Ink Painting Workshop

4. Event-based Art Workshops

This year in 2o19, like many of you goal getters out there, Visual Arts Centre has decided to start new workshops, based on your needs! Are you perhaps thinking about doing something creative for Mother’s Day, your friends birthday, your best girlfriend’s bachelorette party or annual christmas party? Visual Arts Centre has got you covered as we listen to what you need and plan the art workshops accordingly! Not to mention, it will be a fun filled event that is unconventional and like no other events your friends or family members would have attended before!

What are you then waiting for! Call us today at 6733 2155 / 6255 0711

OR drop us an email at info@visualartscentre to plan out something perfectly unconventional for your friends or company! 


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Course Description

Contact us for your event needs – bridal parties, birthday parties, a gathering with friends… we are open to helping you customize a workshop suited for your needs!

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 6255 0711 to arrange your Art Jamming and Art Workshop needs!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you better for this highly personalized activity.

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