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Guided Art Jamming Experience With Visual Arts Centre

This Guided Art Jamming session is made for those of you who:

  • Have no experience in art but would love to create an art piece of your own.
  • Have that sudden spark of inspiration but lack the supplies at home to satisfy that creative itch.
  • Or simply want a painting you could hang up on your wall to welcome your guests at your next dinner party.
  • Are looking for a therapeutic workshop session for you and your closest friends or colleagues. 

Whether it is to celebrate a birthday party, your next anniversary or to create an unforgettable experience for you and your closest friends, Art Jamming is the next new activity for you.

Art Jamming With Visual Arts Centre:

With every other Art Jamming Studios in Singapore, you’ll find yourself getting stuck along the way, or even embarrassed to start painting especially when you have no idea what’s going on.

At Visual Arts Centre, your Art Jamming experience with us is a guided one. Therefore, do not worry about making a mess or losing inspiration when you start to get stuck on your piece. Our friendly Studio Assistants will be here to guide you as and when you need!


Chat with us to find out how to create a memorable and therapeutic experience through art!

Available for: 

  • Birthday Parties
  • Hen’s Night
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s
  • Gatherings
  • Team Bonding… and Many More!

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If you have a big group, you may hire out the studio as well. (Subjected to availability, but do give us a call!)

For more Enquiries: 

Call Us: 6733 2155 / 6255 0711

Email: [email protected]

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