Visual Arts Centre

RV WOODS: THE FIRST Furniture Design Exhibition

7 January – 14 January 2022


This exhibition showcases furniture pieces by designers from NAFA, Lasalle, SIT, NUS, and NTU, in collaboration with RV Woods.

It seeks to provide a singular experience created by diverse individuals.

You’ll recognise names like Joshua Kane Gomes, Mavis Lim Sze Yong, Roger Goh & Tan Kah Wee, Wong Li Ning, and Yee Chien Ping.

展览日期与时间 Exhibition Dates and Time:

7 January 2022  - 14 January 2022

11am  - 8pm daily 

Free Admission 免费入场

Venue 展览地点

Visual Arts Centre 新加坡视觉艺术中心

10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

(Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut Exit B, turn left)

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Contact 联系 Visual Arts Centre  |  Venue 展览地点

+65 6255 0711 |+65 6733 2155

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新加坡视觉艺术中心 Visual Arts Centre

Exhbition View


O_O by Joshua Kane Gomes

椅合桌 by Yee Chien Ping .
This tea table/bench design is a symbolism
of Chien Ping’s relationship with his brother.
“Each of us separated from each other by our parents in the house to ensure that we do not cross each other’s boundary. The left and right flank are us respectively while the middle one is our parent ensuring that we do not cross each other’s line. As time passes, we accept each other’s differences and form a stronger bond, when the table is separated, it symbolises my younger self with a weak bond with my brother and when it is pieced together, it symbolises my older self with the stronger bond with my brother.”
My Ah-Ji-Teu by Wong Lining
A simple design play with the
world Lining sees as a kid under the dining table.
“When we were kids, hide and seek was one of our favourite games.
Somehow hiding in places gave us a sense of security.
A memorable hideout for me was under the dining table at my grandma’s place.
Yes, I hid under the table with my cousin of the same age for hours playing with legos and board games.”
ele in the room by Roger Goh & Tan Kah Wee
A family of coffee table and stools that is designed with the
intention to create a space for conversation.
“The elephant in the room”
An expression to describe an obvious major problem or issue that people avoid discussing or acknowledging because it makes at them feel uncomfortable.
I.T.S.T by Roger Goh & Tan Kah Wee
“Is this seat taken?” is one of the most common conversation starters.
I.T.S.T is an unassuming furniture with a surprise. With a total swivel range of 180°, it offers the flexibility to be used as a bench for one or for more people to sit on.
The angle could be adjusted according to the user’s comfort of proximity with another person.

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