26 October to 30 October 2016

Violet by Jennifer Chalklen

26 October to 30 October 2016

“Violet” is a solo exhibition by contemporary realist artist Jennifer Chalklen which focuses on the subject of female form and the ownership of the bodies of women while moving the lines of perception between subject and object. Utilizing the blurred layers of consciousness, she skillfully creates her own style of visual storytelling on her journey to distraction.

Her works, visually describing a silent tug of war, question whether continued subjugation is an inherited legacy, enforced upon the subject matter, or if subject and self is being sacrificed voluntarily. She looks at the immanence within the female psyche, and how a pattern of expectation supporting these traits is perpetually being constructed for women, even in today’s modern world.

Free admission.

Exhibition Dates: 26 October 2016 – 30 October 2016 (11AM – 8PM daily)

Exhibition Opening Reception: 27 October 2016, 7pm

(To RSVP to the opening reception, please email to [email protected] )

Venue: Visual Arts Centre


Jennifer Chalklen is a Contemporary Realist Artist from New Zealand. She is a mostly self-taught artist who began painting portraits and figures with oil colour 3.5 years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia, after working in the field of digital marketing for 7 years. Her style can be described as whimsical, ethereal and forlorn.