9 August to 15 August 2018

Urban Expedition – 2018 Sculpture Society Annual Show

9 August to 15 August 2018

Sculpture Society (Singapore) is pleased to present Urban Expedition, a group exhibition featuring works by both established and emerging sculptors.

Migration encourages one to think of connections, at least because every migration connects a point of origin and a destination (Patrick Manning, 2012). The constant, roving humans, settling only for a term before moving on to a fresh patch of land until we founded our first cities. Even so, we have an ever burning curiosity of “what is beyond that horizon?”

We yearn to travel, to see new sights, find new things, meet new people and experience a different culture from ours. It is evident that we did not change much since the days of old, never stopping always moving, roving back and forth within the planet.

Exploration would resonate to us as a primal instinct or behaviour that we cannot elude from. Perhaps the reason for these outward bound intent to reach out to other peoples from other nations in rooted deep within ourselves. Urban Expedition is the statement of artists’ embodied with an inner wanderlust, to seek out things beyond the mundane, at the very core of us to better ourselves, and to bring home to share the exploits of such travels.

Exhibition Dates/Time: 9-15 August 2018, 11am-8pm
Exhibition Opening: 10 August, 7pm-9pm