4 April to 6 April 2019


4 April to 6 April 2019


Exhibition Dates/Time:

4-6 April 2019

8pm – 9:30pm

With support from the Belgian Embassy in Singapore and the National Arts Council Singapore, Robert Casteels, Pete Kellock, Cecile Chagnaud, Baudouin Oosterlinck, Timothy Tan and Mervin Wong will be putting up amazing performance, interacting with Dirk Stromberg’s Line Segments (new 3D installation/ controller/ instrument employing touch-sensitive ink, electroluminescent wire and other smart materials).

Price: $15 (free seating)
*$12 for students and senior citizens
Tickets are available for at the door!

Come on down to Visual Arts Centre, enjoy this amazing performance and witness something extraordinary!

For reservation, please be reminded to email at [email protected]

Check them out via this website!

From left to right, Robert Casteels, Dirk Johan Stromberg, Andrew Thomas

Robert has written a growing corpus of more than 120 musical works that cross cultures, genres and disciplines. These range from miniature to large-scale works in the European tradition, as well as multidisciplinary works which combine European, Chinese, Indian instruments, and the gamelan, together with computer-generated sound and images. His compositions have been premiered in Europe, Asia, and Australia. His compositions have been selected by the Asia Composers League for its opening concert in Singapore in 2013 and closing concerts in Japan in 2014 and in the Philippines in 2015.

Dirk is an American com-poser, music technologist,  and improviser. His body of work explores dynamic interaction between performer, technology, and per-formance practice. Designing both hardware and software has led to the development of network-based audio cards, embedded hard-ware, and e-instruments.

Andrew was born in Manchester, England, and currently resides and works from his studio in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. He founded the award-winning studio creativehybrid in Tokyo in 2002, where he works with collaborators and partners across multiple disciplines and sectors of the art world and international creative industries.