20 July to 25 July 2018

State of Tranquility – A Tan Chin Boon Solo Exhibition

20 July to 25 July 2018

State of Tranquility is the first solo exhibition by the Singaporean Chinese ink painting artist, Tan Chin Boon. In this exhibition, Tan Chin Boon showcases over forty recent paintings and a hundred and twenty seals as a result of over four decades of art practise and mastery.

We cordially invite you to join us at the exhibition opening of “State of Tranquility”.


尊敬的画坛好友、收藏家与艺术友人,我们诚意邀请您出席新加坡画家陈振文的各展 《禅蕴丹青、功涵寸石》。


Exhibition Information

Date:20-25 July 2018

Time:11am – 7pm daily

Venue:Visual Arts Centre, 10 Penang Road #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Guest-of-Honour :Mr Tay Bak Chiang, President of the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society

Exhibition Opening Ceremony: 20 July 2018 (Friday), 7pm

Artist Dialogue Session: 21 July 2018 (Saturday), 3pm – 4:30pm

Contact Number: 6733 2155 / 6255 0711



日期:2018年7月20日 – 7月25日

时间 : 早上11时 – 晚上 7 时

地点: (新加坡) 视觉艺术中心

地址 : 10 Penang Road #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469   [多美歌地铁站 B出口左转后走30米]

开幕嘉宾:郑木彰 Mr Tay Bak Chiang, 啸涛篆刻书画会会长 Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society

开幕式时间:7月20日 晚上 7点

联系电话:  6733 2155 / 6255 0711

Tan Chin Boon is a Singaporean painter, seal carver, and member of the Singapore Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society. Born in Nan’an, Fujian in 1953, Tan Chin Boon graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1972. Under the guidance of renowned artists Chen Chong Swee and See Hiang Tuo, he studied traditional Chinese Ink painting of landscapes, flowers and birds.

Tan Chin Boon’s childhood was spent in the countryside. He was very fond of rural streams, the reflection of moonlight, wildflowers, and country roads. His early life experiences became the inspiration for his future creations.His ink paintings demonstrate skilled mastery of traditional flower and bird paintings, and bold modern compositions. Playing with the concept of negative space, Tan demonstrates his strong command of the XieYi style of painting, exuding elegance in simplicity and leaving the audience space for imagination. When appreciating Tan Chin Boon’s ink paintings, one naturally experiences inner peace and tranquility. Ethereal, ephemeral, and embodying Zen – Tan Chin Boon’s many years of practice culminates in this ground-breaking showcase of his works.

Tan Chin Boon has practiced seal carving for many years. His works are self-contained, and his swordsmanship is strong and powerful. His seal prints are very lively, exploring humour, sarcasm and wit. His recent creations: “Kopi-o Kosong”, “Kosong”, and “Tak Boleh Tahan” explore the South Asian flavour while other works such as “Sunflowers”, “Thousands of Miles of Yunshan” and “Shameless” are Tan’s response to current events.

Tan Chin Boon has dedicated his art practice to Chinese ink painting and seal carving for over four decades. As a member of the Singapore Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society, he  has consistently participated in the artists’ group exhibition every year. His ink paintings and seal carving works are loved and collected by local collectors.



    陈振文的童年在乡村生活,对乡村的小溪流水、池塘月色、野花小鸟、乡村小路都非常喜爱,自然而然的生活经历便成了日后创作的题材。他的水墨画即蕴含传统花鸟画的扎实功力,又采取大胆现代构图,画面采取大面积留白,鱼儿草儿星星点点,笔墨洒脱如行云流水,作品色彩淡雅、简洁。画面构图方面,他把中国画中的“散点透视”发挥的淋漓尽致。欣赏陈振文水墨作品,清新、平静的感觉便油然而生。作品留白的构图、淡雅的色彩,会让你有很大的空间想象,似空灵、似烟云、似无我….., 禅味十足,这也正是陈振文大半生谦卑习画、修炼追求的最高境界。

    陈振文多年来从事篆刻创作,他的作品自成风格,他的刀法如凿如铸、苍劲有力。他的篆刻印文非常生活化,把生活中趣事俗语、幽默短句,讽刺时弊等语句都刻入在方寸之石。例如他的近期创作:Kopi-o Kosong(自讨苦吃),Kosong(马来文)虚空,Tak Boleh tahan(马来文)“够力”等都是体现南洋风味的文字。如:太阳花、万里云山、不知耻、一张废纸等文字都是反应时事的印文。陈振文篆刻的边款也别具特色,图文并茂,独出心裁,具有创意。