26 May to 27 May 2018

Raffles Photographic Society presents ArtSeason 2018: 50by50

26 May to 27 May 2018

To make truly great art, one must think outside the box. RPS offers a fresh perspective in 50by50, as our graduating members think about and incorporate a 50cm by 50cm box into their photographic experience. What creative challenge — or opportunity — does the box present? Does the box restrict, provide structure, or take on a completely unexpected meaning? Is the box simply a frame or can it add to or enhance the photograph? These are the questions that the group of artists exhibiting had to grapple with.

Through considering the symbolic meaning and visual effect of the box, our graduating members have developed their work along various themes, encompassing identity, gender, family, community, routines, and more. These are the issues that the box evoke to our photographers, and it is no surprise that they encompass the individual, societal and even global in their range — our photographers are representative of the multifaceted concerns of today’s youth, and that comes through in the artwork.

For the first time, RPS is stretching photography into installation, pushing our graduating members beyond mere visuals into an incorporation of space and texture. The club is taking our tradition of pure photographic work into the arena of interpretive and modern visual art, and we promise an exciting lineup of exciting work from a new generation of photographers.

Our junior members will also be exhibiting their experiments with light painting, allowing them to exercise their creativity and personal style in a fun, visual spectacle.

Exhibition Opening: 26 May 2018, Saturday, 3pm to 6pm

Head over to tinyurl.com/rps50by50 to purchase your tickets for the opening!

Ticket price: $5

Exhibition Dates: 26-27 May 2018, Saturday to Sunday, 11am-7pm