30 August to 3 September 2019

Our Colourful Journey 彩笔寻踪 by Scenic Rangers

30 August to 3 September 2019

Scenic Rangers presents – Our Colourful Journey 彩笔寻踪 2019 Annual Group Art Exhibition.

From 30 August to 3 September 2019, from 11am-6:30pm, Our Colourful Journey will be showcased at Visual Arts Centre, presenting a diverse range of artworks by artists from Scenic Rangers. The artworks are of various mediums and portray various scenic landscapes, sights and sounds of Singapore and neighbouring countries.

The art group Scenic Rangers was formed by a group of like-minded artists who love the outdoors and would gather frequently to paint, draw and sketch plein-air, just like “rangers” in search of various scenic spots. Hence they call themselves Scenic Rangers. Members come from diverse backgrounds, races, professions. Twice a week, scenic rangers will undergo an expedition in seek of places and landscapes to paint. They visit and trek to various landmarks, streets and alleys, fishing villages, architectural sights and sounds, capturing the new and the old with their pens and brushes with their unique and individual art styles.
This is the sixth year anniversary of Scenic Rangers, which has now grown to a strong art group of hundreds of rangers continuing to pen and ink every landscape and every scene. Scenic Rangers is also one of the most well-known art groups in Singapore and has accomplished three group exhibitions and numerous art events and activities to date.
In celebration of Singapore’s bicentennial, Scene Rangers has organised their fourth yearly group art exhibition – Our Colourful Journey in the hope of inspiring more Singaporeans to develop a love and interest in art, and also to encourage any art lovers and like-minded artists to join our league and to contribute to the local art scene!
We welcome all art lovers, artists and art enthusiasts to visit this wonderful showcase!
Exhibition Date/Timings:
30 Aug – 2 Sept, 11am-6:30pm daily, 3 Sept 11am-5pm
Exhibition Opening: 
Friday 30 Aug, 7pm
Guest-of-Honour: Mr Seah Kang Chui
Live art demonstration – Watercolour Painting by artist Marvin Chew
Sunday 1 Sep, 3pm-5pm

1. Amanda Low
2. Ben Woo
3. Chong Hooi Long
4. Goh Huying
5. Helena
6. Ho Soo Tiang
7. Jane Leong
8. Jong Lee Kee
9. Lee  Lisa
10. Leong Chye Chye
11. Lim Dinna
12. Lim Hai Chiew
13. Lim Wah Chai
14. MarvinChew
15. Meng Zhihua
16. Michael Khoo
17. Ng Kok Sin
18. Phyllis Chong
19. Raymond Law
20. Reena Lee
21. Rong Peh
22. Susan Cheng
23. Silvia Yan
24. Tan Chee Teck
25. Tan Chit Seng
26. Tan Joon Seng
27. Tan Leong Kheng
28. Tan Soo Yong
29. Thian Boon Hua
30. Tilen Ti
31. Vaswati Pattanaik
32. Wong Thye Lai
33. Yang Zhi Fei
34. Yoong Ren Hui
35. Yue Keh Hung
36. Zhu Hong