Love Stories 爱の物语 2019

17 November to 24 November 2019

Venue: Visual Arts Centre

When: 17 – 23 November 2019, 11am – 8pm / 24 November 2019, 11am – 6pm

Entrance Fee: Free

Register for workshops: //www.artpeacesg.com/book-onlin

Visual Arts Centre is proud to present Art Peace – Singapore 1st Pastel Nagomi Art Exhibition, LOVE STORIES 爱の物语 2019, showcasing artworks of Pastel Nagomi Art students and instructors.

Pastel Nagomi Art is a Japanese pastel art form, employing simple and unique techniques of drawing with fingers and soft pastels; to create paintings with soft and gentle tones. The Kanji character of ‘Nagomi’ is ‘和’ which means harmony. The founder, Mr Hosoya Norikatsu believes that Nagomi Art can create a sense of harmony and inner peace in the painter and for enthusiasts of this form of pastel art. It has a therapeutic nature to help uplift one’s spirit and calm the mind, waking up to the HOPE – hope that it brings health to the spirit whilst taking delight in creating a memorable piece of art.

This lovely art form originated from Japan in 2003 and has been gaining popularity since. It is used as a form of art therapy by Japanese professionals in educational institutions and welfare organisations.

“LOVE STORIES 爱の物语 2019” is a platform to spread Pastel Nagomi Art to as many individuals as possible; so that more will benefit from the theraputic nature of this art. There will be over a 100 artwork on display expressing their deepest feelings of love for family, friends, people, places, pets, nature, things, scenery, special moments and even food. Visitors can participate in workshops happening throughout the exhibition days to have a taste of this unique art form.

​At “LOVE STORIES 爱の物语 2019”, we are also taking this opportunity to do a good cause. Selected artworks are for sale at an affordable price. A portion of the sales proceed will be donated to Family Enrichment Society (www.fes.org.sg). Building strong relationships within the family is the key to helping families become the safe refuge every family should be. An endeavour like this requires resources. Join us in supporting them.