8 November to 11 November 2017


8 November to 11 November 2017

Showcasing the members’ artworks from the Korean Women’s Association in Singapore, the exhibition theme of “Embrace – 품다” will bring you a showcase of Botanical Arts, Oriental Arts, Ceramics, Korean Folk arts and French Embroidery.

What would you do if you find yourself stranded in a Foreign Land? “Embrace” is the word that our members have chosen.

Through the threads, papers and brushes, the artworks in this exhibition show the desire to embrace a new world and to grow. Art is a means to communicate with others and oneself. The artworks are our stretched hand to embrace the new world. This exhibition is to showcase how Korean ladies embrace the new world in their lives.

The Korean Women’s Association in Singapore was established on the 28th of October 2008 to promote the wellness and enrichment of Korean women living in Singapore.