27 September to 28 September 2018

Dazzling Diamond Painting & Jewelry – Diamond Dreams

27 September to 28 September 2018

Canadian artist Reena Ahluwalia invites you to her first-ever Singapore exhibition and sale of dazzling paintings and jewelry!
This exhibition features both dazzling paintings and jewelry.

Diamond is a powerful symbol of eternal love, beauty, power and prestige. This exhibition and sale showcases incredibly detailed diamond paintings, so real, that you are drawn into their spellbinding depths. Reena believes we all are like diamonds – brilliant, beautiful, radiant, luminous, full of potential and much more! These incredible paintings take time…from 200 to over 700 hours each. Each painting is Reena’s labor of love, intimately capturing the play of light and color.


The exhibition also showcases the Spinning Jewelry Collection, a guaranteed conversation starter!

Super affordable, top on fashion and recognized as one of world’s most innovative jewelry collections, Reena brings her signature ‘Soul Carousel’ spinning jewelry collection to Singapore. Her jewelry collection is super hot and one of the most talked about collections at Basel – Switzerland, Las Vegas – US and Hong Kong! The dazzling sterling silver jewelry spin in a rainbow palette with Swarovski Stones. A signature ‘pointer’ design element points to the true center of our being, and reminds us to live our life to its fullest and in all colors.

*Limited pieces will be available for sale.  


Exhibition Dates/Time:  27 September 2018, 10am-10pm 
                                                    28 September 2018, 10am-9pm 

*Sales from the exhibition will benefit Jewelers for Children (JFC) Charity, to help children who are victims of catastrophic illness and neglect.

Reena Ahluwalia is an award-winning Canadian jewelry designer, diamond painter and professor. She is recognized as one of the Top Masters of Art and Design in Canada. She is one of handful of living jewelry artists whose work is featured on a nation’s (Belgium) postage stamp. As a tribute to the British Royal Wedding, Reena created a Diamond Tiara for HRH Kate Middleton. Coveted internationally by art collectors, Reena paints highly nuanced, hyper-realistic diamonds with ultra-magnified facets. Her paintings are in the collection of distinguished collectors worldwide, including, showcased at the DIVA Diamond Museum shop in Antwerp. Her artwork gives back to many organizations worldwide. Reena is a member of the George Brown College (Toronto) Jewellery Program Advisory Committee. Each year Reena supports students by providing scholarship and mentor upcoming talent. Reena is a Fellow of (IwB) Institute without Boundaries.


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