Beckoning of the Breeze 《唤风》 啸涛扇面小品展

4 May to 8 May 2018

Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society, together with Asia Arts Collective Pte Ltd, is proud to present the exhibition — 《Beckoning of the Breeze》 Fan-Shaped Painting.

The name of the exhibition — Beckoning of the Breeze, is derived from the poem “Summer” by famous poet, Li Shang Ying, of Tang Dynasty. In his poem, he mentioned how the elegant movement of the fan brought on the winds, which inspired us to name our upcoming exhibition – Beckoning of the Breeze. In ancient times, scholars and educated people would treasure and appreciate fan paintings. There were even gatherings (雅集 in Chinese), where friends shared, admired and discussed the fans they had collected.

In this upcoming exhibition, over 40 Siaw-Tao artists will be presenting close to 90 pieces of fan-shaped works. They consist of genres ranging from Birds and Flowers, Animals, Landscape, Abstract, Calligraphy and many others. These paintings are done on fan shaped paper as well as the actual physical fan.

Fan paintings are an important aspect of Chinese ink painting but is not widely recognised in today’s world. Historically, fan painting dates back several millenniums. There was a famous story about renowned Master Calligrapher Wang Xi Zhi with regards to fan painting. Wang was taking a stroll by the market whereby he saw an old lady selling fans. Business was poor, and Wang volunteered his services to help the old lady. He wrote on the fans but the old lady was unhappy as she felt that Wang had damaged her fans by scribbling on them. Wang said: “Old madam, do not worry, for you can sell the scribbled fans at a higher price!” The old lady was puzzled but she tried selling it regardless. Soon after, someone recognized that the fans were written by Wang. When the news spread, the fans were sold out quickly.

By painting and writing on the physical fan, it brings artistic value and injects life into a normal everyday object.

A physical fan has paintings and writings both at the front and back, which makes it more challenging to create than a normal two dimensional artwork.  In fact it can be considered a three dimensional artwork, especially the folded fan version. The physical fan is also favoured by art collectors and connoisseurs as it is extremely portable.

Hence, it is with great pleasure that Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society shares this knowledge of Chinese Fan Ink Paintings. In conjunction with the exhibition, a series of events has been organised for further appreciation of Chinese Fan Ink Painting.

Exhibition & Event Dates

Exhibition Dates

4 to 8 May 2018

11AM – 8PM

Opening Ceremony

4 May 2018


Chinese Ink Fan-Shaped Painting Workshop

5 May 2018 (Saturday)

3PM – 6PM

Conducted by Toh Chee Hao and Lee Soon Heng. Participants will be taught how to compose and execute their very own fan paintings, learning the peonies and goldfish subject.

Panel Discussion on Fan Painting Appreciation (in Mandarin)

6 May 2018 (Sunday)

3PM – 5PM

Facilitated by Dr Yew Tong Wei.

Panelists include 2016 Cultural Medallion Winner, Mr Koh Mun Hong and art connoisseur, Ms. Chow Yian Ping.










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展出地点:(新加坡)视觉艺术中心(10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469